Lovely Morning Time Phrases !!

Don't expect until it's likewise slow to say someone 
how much u love, how much u care,
Because when they're gone,
no affair how loud u call & cry,
they won't remove heed yous anymore.

A error which makes yous humble, 
is much improve than an achievement that makes yous proud.

The Price of Discipline is e'er less than the Pain of Regret." 
Self Discipline is the biggest investment for Success inwards Life!

The hardest business office of missing friends is non their absence, 
it’s when u retrieve of all those gud times together with inquire urself,
'Will those moments ever plough over off again?’!!!

At the terminate of the day, yous either focus on what separates you 
or what holds yous together. 

God doesn't give yous the people yous want, 
he gives yous the people yous need.
To help you, to wound yous , to honey yous , to operate out yous & 
to brand yous the somebody yous were meant to survive ...

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