Motivating Forenoon Words !

No affair how carefully you lot conduct your words
they volition e'er terminate upwards existence twisted past times others

Tact is the fine art of making a point,
without making an enemy.

No affair how skilful or bad you lot intend life is,
wake upwards each twenty-four sixty minutes menstruum & live on thankful to GOD.
Someone Somewhere else is fighting to Survive...

"Sometimes your best feelings are flora inward drafts,
those are the words which you lot type but never send"

"Only few unopen people tin easily lay
some piffling lies inward your smiling &
some to a greater extent than truth inward your tears.
Never liberate them inward your life".

We attract every give-and-take nosotros speak,
every idea nosotros intend & every thing nosotros do,
over & over inward our life.
Be skilful to instruct good

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