Nice Forenoon Words !!

A lot of problem would disappear if only 
people would acquire to speak to ane another 
instead of talking nearly ane another.....

When y'all pray for others, 
God listens to y'all too blesses them, 
so when y'all are prophylactic too happy, 
remember that someone is praying for you...

Life is non ever smoothen too soft. There may
be narrow ways, upwardly too downs, darkness and
shadows. Overcome everything amongst wisdom too patience.

Never Be Proud Nor Depressed For 
What You Are And The Position You Hold In Society.
Remember, After The Game Of Chess,
King And Pawns Go In The Same Box.

One unproblematic tip to remain happy always.
Never intend & speak nearly a third person,
& Never intend what a third somebody thinks & speaks nearly you.

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