Romantic Morn Quotes !

A practiced pump too a practiced nature are ii unlike issues
A practiced pump tin win many relationships, 
but a good nature tin win many practiced hearts.

Don't expect until it's likewise belatedly to tell someone
how much you lot love, how much you lot care.
Because when they're gone, no affair how loud
you holler too cry, they won't listen you lot anymore.

When a TOUCH could HEAL a wound
Wen EYES's could SPEAK volumes
When a SMILE tin confirm I AM THERE
then why create nosotros quest words to say'I LOVE YOU.'

Do you lot know, why God created gaps betwixt fingers?
So that mortal who is exceptional to you,
comes too fills those gaps past times asset  
your hands forever.

Love that pump that hates you lot but
don't abhor the pump that loves you
because for the basis you lot mightiness survive no one
but for mortal you lot mightiness survive the world.

You tin give without loving, but you lot cannot dearest without giving.

  Amy Carmichael

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