Special Forenoon Wishes !

When I awake, too get-go my day,
With exceptional thoughts of you,
I wonder if you lot shout back of me,
Start your hateful solar daytime similar I do?

If inwards your busy schedule,
That you lot mightiness brand unopen to room,
For 1 who waits too wishes for,
A message from you lot soon.

For sort words too a grin that's sent,
From you lot to me this day,
Would fill upward my pump amongst warmth now,
With all the things you lot say.

Here is a rattling exceptional wish,
That's meant for alone you,
That tucked inside these words I send,
Are brightest skies of blue!

Sprinkled amongst a combat of love,
From deep inside my heart,
I want for you lot the greatest day,
Right from the rattling start.

© 2004Loree Mason O'Neil

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