Start The Morn On A Promising Complaint !!

"We tin locomote certain that the greatest promise for maintaining equilibrium
 in the confront of whatever province of affairs rests inside ourselves."

   Francis J. Braceland

"Trust that lilliputian vocalization inwards your caput
that says 'Wouldn't it locomote interesting if...'
And thence create it."

   Duane Michals

This is your world.
Shape it or mortal else will.

   Gary Lew

"Always walk through life equally if yous bring
something novel to larn as well as yous will."

   Vernon Howard

The solely existent elegance is inwards the mind,
as well as if you've got that,
the balance naturually flows from it.

   Diana Vreeland

"All of us bring moments inwards our lives that exam our courage.
Taking children into a trouble solid
amongst a white carpeting is 1 of them."

   Erma Bombeck

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