Thought-Provoking Morning Time Quotes !

People rarely succeed unless 
they convey fun inwards what they are doing.

  Dale Carnegie

Success is non the fundamental to happiness.
Happiness is the fundamental to success.
If you lot honey what you lot are doing, 
you volition last successful.

  Albert Schweitzer

"By learning you lot volition teach; 
by education you lot volition understand."

  Latin Proverb

"Quality questions practise a lineament life. 
Successful people inquire meliorate questions, 
and equally a result, they decease meliorate answers."

  Anthony Robbins

Your fourth dimension is limited, 
so don't waste matter it living somebody else's life.

  Steve Jobs

Don't vociferation because it's over, 
smile because it happened.


Time, similar life itself, has no inherent meaning.
We laissez passer our ain pregnant to fourth dimension equally to life.

  Jonathan lockwood huie

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