Thoughtful Forenoon Sentences !

"When yous run into a man, yous gauge him past times his clothes; 
when yous leave, yous gauge him past times his heart."

   Russian Proverb

"If yous teach the within right, the exterior volition autumn into place."

   Eckhart Tolle


Essentially all suffering is the effect of...
1. Comparing what nosotros stimulate got (or don't have) today alongside what nosotros had yesterday.
2. Comparing what nosotros fearfulness nosotros mightiness stimulate got (or non have) tomorrow alongside what nosotros stimulate got today.
3. Comparing what nosotros stimulate got (or don't have) alongside what others have.
   Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Faith that the affair tin laissez passer the sack endure done is essential to whatsoever dandy achievement.

   Thomas N. Carruther

"The supreme happiness of life is the conviction of beingness loved for yourself, 
or to a greater extent than correctly,  beingness loved inwards spite of yourself."

   Victor Hugo

"I've been absolutely terrified every instant of my life and
I've never permit it proceed me from doing a unmarried affair that I wanted to do."

   Georgia O'Keeffe

Real dearest is accepting other people the means they are
without trying to alter them.
   don Miguel Ruiz

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