Thoughtful Morning Time Statements !!

Try to brand Happy atleast Two persons inwards a day. 
But, brand certain that.. One of them is YOURSELF."

To last inwards your children's memories tomorrow.... 
you get got to last inwards their lives today

Never last proud nor depressed for what y'all are 
and the pose y'all stand upwards for inwards society! 
Remember, When the game of CHESS is over,
both KING too PAWNS larn inwards same box!

Difference betwixt hear too heart? 
Your hear volition nation y'all the smart matter and 
your pump volition nation y'all what y'all are going to do anyway.

Nobody tin accept away your pain, 

so don't let anyone accept away your happiness.

Don't ever last skilful too therefore that people volition similar u. 
Sometimes u withdraw to last yourself too therefore that
you'll know who's gonna larn out y'all & who volition stay.

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