True Morning Time Thoughts !!

"Be a adept listener. Your ears volition never larn y'all inward trouble."

  Frank Tyger

A generous heart, sort speech, and 
a life of service too compassion
are the things which renew humanity.

  The Buddha

As nosotros last to practice low-cal for others,
we naturally low-cal our ain way.

  Mary Anne Radmacher

To aim at the best too to stay essentially ourselves 
is 1 too the same thing.

  Janet Erskine Stuart

"Life is all nearly timing... 
the unreachable becomes reachable, 
the unavailable cash inward one's chips available, 
the unattainable... attainable. 
Have the patience, aspect it out
It's all nearly timing."

  Stacey Charter

Choose a project y'all love, and 
you volition never convey to last a hateful solar daytime inward your life.


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