Wake Upward To The Fresh Morn !

I don't regret my past
I exactly regret the time
I cause got wasted alongside the incorrect people

One of the greatest mental freedoms is truly
non caring what anyone else thinks of you.

Trust is similar an eraser
it gets smaller & smaller
afterwards every mistake

You tin sack win life past times all means
if you lot exactly avoid 2 things
Comparing & Expectation

No necessitate for revenge,
exactly sit down dorsum too wait
Those wound you lot volition eventually 
get wound themselves
too if you lot are lucky,
God volition allow you lot watch.

Don't approximate me past times my past,
I don't alive at that topographic point anymore.

Never blame anyone inward life,
Good people hand happiness
Bad people hand experiences,
Worst people hand a lesson,
best people hand memories

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