Welcome The Forenoon Of 2012 Amongst Joy !!!

Dreams are a big move of our Lives
and You must utilise whatsoever it takes
to brand them a Reality;
by the plans yous make,
the course of report yous take,
and the things yous do.

Don't dwell on yesteryear mistakes.
Leave yesterday behind,
along alongside all it's problems,
worries in addition to doubts.

Realize yous can't alter the past,
but yous tin strength out initiative of all a novel tomorrow.
Don't endeavor to utilise everything at once;
take i pace at a time,

Don't e'er survive afraid to endeavor the Impossible
no affair what others may think.
Remember yous are Unique
in your ain especial way.

Don't e'er halt Dreaming!
Don't e'er halt wanting what's correct for you!


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