Beautiful Forenoon Statements !

Imposible is simply an persuasion , 
But if you lot modify your persuasion everything is possible.

Silence on lips may Avoid many Problems.
But talking alongside opened upward Heart tin plough over the axe solve all the Problems.

Flowers Blossom inwards Style 
Even when there is no ane to Admire its Beauty!
Lets Continue our Good Work alongside Honesty 
Even when Nobody is Watching us!

Excellence Has Always Been Achieved By Those Who Believe That 
Something Inside Them Is Superior Than Circumstances

Brains create upward one's heed how people react to mistakes
People who recall they tin plough over the axe larn from their mistakes 
have a dissimilar encephalon reaction to mistakes than 
people who recall they can’t decease smarter.

Laughing faces produce non hateful that in that place is absence of sorrow
It way that they cause got the mightiness to bargain alongside it.

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