Beautiful Morning Time Sentences !

It is an eternal obligation toward the human being 
not to allow him suffer from hunger when 
one has a adventure of coming to his assistance.

  Simone Weil

It is skillful to dream, but it is meliorate to dream in addition to work.  
Faith is mighty, but activity amongst organized religious belief is mightier.

  Thomas Robert Gaines

You larn to beak yesteryear speaking, to written report yesteryear studying, 
to run by running, to live on yesteryear working; 
in only the same way, you lot larn to dear by loving.

  St. Francis De Sales

Have the courage in addition to the wisdom in addition to the vision to raise 
a definite standard that volition appeal to the best that is inward man, 
and thus strive mightily toward that goal.

  Harold E. Stassen

The best chore goes to the individual who tin acquire it done 
without passing the buck or coming dorsum amongst excuses.

  Napoleon Hill

We volition either discovery a way, or brand one.


It is to a greater extent than of import to know where you lot are going 
than to acquire there quickly.

  Mabel Newcomber

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