Bright Morning Time Greetings !

It takes exclusively a infinitesimal to larn a shell on someone,
An hr to similar someone,
And a solar daytime to dearest someone,
But it takes a lifetime to forget someone.

Don't larn for looks; they tin hand the axe deceive. 
Don't larn for wealth; fifty-fifty that fades away. 
Go for someone who makes you lot smile, 
Because it takes exclusively a grin to
Make a night solar daytime seems bright. 
Find the 1 that makes your see smile!

May you lot have 
Enough happiness to brand you lot sweet, 
Enough trials to brand you lot strong, 
Enough sorrow to proceed you lot human, 
And plenty promise to brand you lot happy.

Always position yourself inwards others' shoes. 
If you lot experience that it hurts you, 
It likely hurts the other person, too.

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