Cool Morning Time Feelings !!

Not what nosotros tell most our blessings, 
but how nosotros role them, is the truthful mensurate of our thanksgiving. 

  W.T. Purkiser               (THANKSGIVING SPECIAL)

We tin dismiss ever honor something to move thankful for, 
and at that spot may move reasons why nosotros ought to be thankful for fifty-fifty those dispensations
which look nighttime together with frowning.  

  Albert Barnes                (THANKSGIVING SPECIAL)

Perhaps it takes a purer religious belief to praise God for unrealized blessings 
than for those nosotros once enjoyed or those nosotros savor now.  

  A.W. Tozer

“Roses may conduct maintain thorns, but they're withal beautiful. 
The greatest joys & pleasures inwards life are often accompanied yesteryear a picayune pain”!


If you lot desire something you’ve never had,
you ask to produce something you’ve never done


A successful someone is ane who tin dismiss pose a theatre findation
with the bricks that others throw at him or her.

  David Brinkley

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