Enjoy A Beautiful Morning Time !

Heart is a skilful fertile ground.
Anything planted in that place - Love, Hate, Fear, Hope 
will sure enough grow in addition to deport fruits.
Its is for us to attain upwardly one's heed what to institute in addition to harvest.

Whenever yous exceed away hurting inward your life,
just mean value almost the amount shape of PAIN
Positive Attitude In Negative situation.

“Listen to Everyone
and Learn from Everyone
Because Nobody knows Everything but 
Everyone knows Something”.

Maturity is non when nosotros outset talking "Big Things", 
But truly it is when nosotros outset agreement "Small Things" !!!!!

A nifty individual said " Yesterday, I was clever. 
So I wanted to alter the world. 
Today I am wise. So I am changing myself." 
It is amend to hold out wise than to hold out clever.

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