Enlightening Forenoon Words !

If the Road is Beautiful then, 
Worry About the Destination, 
But if the Destination is Beautiful, 
Then Don't Worry About The Road!

We Always Feel that GOD 
Never comes on Time When We Call Him...
But the Truth is "He is Always on Time" 
But "We are Always inward Hurry!

Trust the One Who tin post away See, 
These Three Thing inward You
Sorrow Behind Your SMILE,
Love Behind Your ANGER &
Reason Behind Your SILENCE!

Beautiful things Are non Always Good
But Good things are Always Beautiful!

Never Miss the First Opportunity,
Because the Second Opportunity Will hold out Much 
More Difficult than First!

Dreams Aren't those That 
You Have when You are Asleep,
Dreams are Those that 
Don't Let You Sleep till They are Fulfilled!

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