Exposure: Saudi Arabia Uncovered Analyzes 1 Of The Worst Countries On Earth

The shocking documentary "Exposure: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Uncovered" past times ITV shows why this is 1 of the worst countries on earth. See the amount programme inward hard disk drive here:

The Sharia-based crude solid position down Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hates women, gays in addition to Jews. It violates countless human rights, in addition to hundreds of people are whipped or executed every year. Mosques in addition to terrorists all over the populace have Saudi coin for spreading extreme Islam, specifically the Sunni branch Wahhabism.

Even though it's a strategic crude nation, the due west must realise Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is non an ally - only a unsafe enemy nosotros must boycott, struggle in addition to defeat.

Yes, this agency challenging Big Oil in addition to possibly endangering relations alongside the US. But it tin move done, in addition to every bit many nations every bit possible must starting fourth dimension immediately.


Articles close the documentary in:
* The Weekly Observer
* News.com.au
* Daily Express
* Daily Mirror
* Daily Mail

(Unfortunately to a greater extent than oftentimes than non tabloid papers bring written close it in addition to then far. Hopefully other outlets volition embrace it likewise soon, in addition to I'll add together to a greater extent than links later.)

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