Great Morn Statements !

The proper part of human being is to live, non to exist. 
I shall not waste my days inwards trying to prolong them. I shall role my time.

  Jack London

I direct maintain e'er found, when I was worrying, 
that the best matter to do was set my heed upon something, 
work difficult together with forget what was troubling me.

  Thomas Edison

The precious rock cannot live on polished without friction, 
nor human being perfected without trials.

  Chinese proverb

The poorest human being would non part alongside wellness for money, 
but the richest would gladly part alongside all their coin for health.

  Charles Caleb Colton

God could non live on everywhere, hence he created mothers.

  Jewish proverb

Perhaps the virtually valuable upshot of all teaching is 
the ability to brand yourself utilization the matter you lot direct maintain to do, 
when it ought to live on done, whether you lot similar it or not.

  Thomas Huxley

The of import matter is to dare to dream big, 
then accept activeness to make it come upwards true.

  Joe Girard

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