Greet The Morning Time Amongst A Grin !

I volition non permit weather / times to dominion me. 
I volition dominion the weather / times and 
the things volition plow over off the agency I want. 


I don't believe inwards taking correct decisions. 
I accept decisions & together with thence brand them right. 
So ever believe inwards your mightiness together with efforts.

  Ratan Tata

Desire is the entirely drive of all sufferings inwards life ,
the denial of wish volition hold out halt of all misery / sufferings inwards life. 

  Gautam Buddha.

"It Is Very Easy To Defeat Someone,
But It Is Very Hard To Win Some

  Dr Abdul Kalaam

"The journeying to happiness involves finding the courage to become downwards into ourselves 
and accept responsibleness for what's in that place : all of it."

  Richard Rohr

"When the individual is amount of peace together with joy, 
outward environs together with circumstances are of comparatively niggling account."

  Hannah Whitall Smith

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