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For over seventy years, the mafia-like companionship De Beers has managed to brand artificially expensive diamonds a utilisation of the 24-hour interval of the month process. But this is purely a marketing conception - too diamonds aren’t truly that rare. Article inward Priceonomics:

"De Beers owns most of the diamond mines. For mines that they don’t own, they remove maintain historically bought out all the diamonds, intimidating or co-opting whatever that recollect of resisting their monopoly. They too then transfer all the diamonds over to the Central Selling Organization (CSO), which they own.

The CSO sorts through the diamonds, puts them inward boxes too presents them to the 250 partners that they sell to. The cost of the diamonds too quantity of diamonds are non-negotiable - it’s convey it or teach out it. Refuse your boxes too you’re out of the diamond industry.

So hither is a small-scale proposal: Let’s grip that diamonds are bullshit too decline their role inward the wedlock process. Let’s acknowledge that equally a social club nosotros got tricked for almost century into coveting sparkling pieces of carbon, precisely it’s fourth dimension to destination the nonsense."


Spare a idea for the people of Turkey - the authorities in that place remove maintain shut Twitter too are enforcing rattling strict censorship on everything else, addition committing countless other human rights violations.

If this continues the the world volition plough into a ruthless dictatorship such equally the United States! :)

I'm certain that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk would non remove maintain approved of the censorship, nor the continuing religious increase inward the supposedly secular nation...


H5N1 common scene inward Romanaian restaurants too cafes when you lot monastic tell soft drinks similar Coca-Cola:

1) The waiters pour them instantly into the drinking glass without tilting it, so all the fizz disappears too the drinkable goes flat. When you lot too then present them how to pour it at an angle, they tell "but you lot exclusively create that alongside beer."

2) If you lot enquire for H2O ice cubes they oftentimes protestation too tell "but it's already cold!"


"If in that place are no ups too downs inward your life, it way you lot are dead."


Are you lot making music on a PC or Mac? Try out the complimentary too powerful Synth1, a virtual analog synth based on the classic Clavia Nord Lead 2.

It tin sack travel used for anything from leads, basses, pads, strings to effects, too is extremely lite on the CPU. Download the synth, cheque out a audio demo too teach over 10.000 complimentary patches:


All over Bali it's at nowadays completely nighttime too peaceful. Since it's Nyepi, everyone is inward "house arrest". No ane is allowed to walk on the streets from 06.00 AM this morning time too for 24 hours thereafter.

There are no lights (except some hotels), no music, no ane is making whatever noise. You listen natural sounds you lot never noticed earlier - the audio of the sea waves, the crickets, the frogs, the rustling leaves, little trees moving alongside the wind.

Yesterday, later on over a calendar week of rain, the conditions gods blessed Bali alongside sun, too the Balinese could create their rituals to celebrate their novel twelvemonth (Isakawarsa). I saw a beautiful ceremony, a spiritual trip the lite fantastic that symbolized the battle betwixt practiced too evil, too the whole hamlet (banjar) participated or cheered. The trip the lite fantastic ended the Ogoh-Ogoh parade of monsters, here's a video:

Here is some information almost this amazing day:
"Nyepi is a rattling particular 24-hour interval to the Balinese, equally this is the 24-hour interval that they remove maintain to fool all evil spirits that no-one is truly on Bali - therefore the quest for silence. If this tin sack travel achieved, too then it is believed that the evil spirits volition give-up the ghost looking elsewhere for their prey too teach out the Bali isle lonely for some other year. Balinese people are rattling religious too life is amount of ritual - Nyepi is ane of the most of import days inward their calendar. Police too safety are on paw to brand certain that everyone abides past times this rule.

Nyepi too serves to remind the Balinese of the quest for tolerance too agreement inward their everyday life. In fact, Hinduism on Bali is unique because it is woven into too around the master Balinese animistic religion. The 2 at nowadays remove maintain give-up the ghost ane for the Balinese - a truthful sign of tolerance too acceptance!

The soundless 24-hour interval is utilisation a serial of celebrations to welcome the Caka New Year's Day inward the Balinese Hindu religion, too has been celebrated inward Bali since the era of Majapahit. The essence of the feast of Nyepi is a self-introspection too reflection earlier the novel year. For that a tranquil too tranquillity atmosphere is required to clear the heed too to enquire the Creator that side past times side twelvemonth all the mistakes done inward the existing twelvemonth volition non travel repeated ane time to a greater extent than inward the coming New Year."


I'm writing a spoken language for my honey grandfather's funeral, which is today inward Oslo. My blood brother Erlend volition kindly read it for me, since I'm halfway around the footing too can't attend.

My love goes out to all my family, who are in that place today to tell goodbye.


Just tried ChatRoulette for the showtime time. I didn't meet whatever penises. Phew.
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