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Read a really funny parody past times Jeffrey Ellinger, "Date a guy who farts":

Also read these:
- Rosemarie Urquico's master "Date a daughter who reads":
- Aleah Taboclaon's follow-up "Date a daughter who travels":
- Charles Warnke's parody "Date an illiterate girl":


"The bulk of Westerners are able to alive a life of leisure. We may slide through large, unchallenging schools, skid into an unexciting, run-of-the-mill job, ease into tranquility retirement inward a pampered abode as well as eventually expiry inward soft bed surrounded past times household unit of measurement members.

It is straightaway our ain private responsibilities to attempt out challenges. Study the hard subjects. Take the hard jobs. Yes, you lot volition convey to go harder than everyone else to a greater extent than or less you. Yes, you lot volition fail. And, if you lot go along to work, yes, you lot volition overcome.

And as well as then you lot volition convey the satisfaction of looking at those to a greater extent than or less you, knowing that you lot are quicker, stronger, smarter - harder."

Excerpt from the blogpost "We alive inward a basis of 'Soft Men'":


Here is a really uncomplicated as well as effective means of stopping negative take in patterns:
After a situation/event/phase, you lot NEVER focus on what went "wrong" or what you lot did that wasn't "good enough".

Instead you lot ONLY enquire yourself this:
1) What did I create well?
2) What would I create differently some other time?

You volition e'er go what you lot mean value almost - hence e'er focus on those ii questions, zilch else.


Tomorrow is Mărțișor, an sometime Romanaian celebration happening at the showtime of spring.

Apparently this is a symbolic 24-hour interval to to present friendship, love, appreciation as well as respect, as well as people give each other pocket-sized Mărțișor decorations.

Right straightaway I'm eating traditional Romanaian nutrient at Museum of the Romanaian Peasant (Muzeul Taranului Roman), as well as at that spot is a large Mărțișor marketplace outside:

Like Hugh Grant talks almost inward the showtime of "Love Actually", I run across dearest as well as appreciation on the faces of the people to a greater extent than or less me, as well as it's beautiful. ❤


Here's an official promo video almost moving draw solid inward Japan:

Basically you lot don't convey to create anything yourself, non fifty-fifty pack, unpack or build clean - the movers volition create EVERYTHING for you. Fantastic!


Some useful articles as well as links:
1) The Economist Intelligence Unit - EIU's "Worldwide Cost of Living" study for 2012 - really handy if you lot (like me) are thinking of relocating. The whole study costs $995, simply this summary is free:

2) Lifehacker's direct to giving away your million-dollar idea, if you lot are non going to prepare it yourself:

3) Beautiful pictures from Hans Zimmer's extremely impressive studio. Notice the walls covered past times modular synths:

4) An approach to getting rid of e-mail as well as making people telephone telephone or see you lot if they require you:

5) An interesting article almost how doctors conk differently, as well as oft don't effort to struggle the illnesses that are killing them:


The all-time best excuse for missing a deadline was given past times Dorothy Parker to her editor at The New Yorker: "Somebody was using the pencil."

She was a adult woman of cracking wit - fifty-fifty her epitaph reads "Excuse my dust." More quotes past times Parker:


"If you lot convey to go careful non to drinkable besides much, it's because you're non to go trusted when you lot do."
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