Lovely Morning Time Sentences !!

Whoever y'all may be, Wherever life leads you,
You are always
a Mom's child,
a Dad's dream,
a Family's future,
a Friend's pump &
Someone's life!
Be the best of it......

Three Rules of Life :
Out of clutter notice simplicity
From discord notice harmony,
In the middle of difficulty lies chance ! 

If y'all facial expression at what y'all create non bring inwards life;
You don't bring anything.
If y'all facial expression at what y'all bring inwards life;
You bring everything.

Two bulls e'er struggle inwards person's heed : 
Good ane & Bad One
Do y'all know which ane volition win ?
Is the ane y'all feed the near !
Don't permit the bad ane to win.

Unexpected results together with problems are business office of life. 
Never lose promise inwards whatsoever condition
because Darkness of black e'er finishes alongside light.

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