Lovely Morning Time Statements !

No i inwards this earth is rich plenty to 
buy his ain childhood & his youth back. 
ONLY Family & Friends tin recreate those moments
from fourth dimension to fourth dimension at NO COST.

Instead of Thinking close what you lot are MISSING.
Sometimes it is GOOD to THINK about 
what you lot convey that many are MISSING.

Water is a peachy instructor that shows us how to move 
through the earth alongside grace, ease, determination, in addition to humility.

One never gets a 2nd jeopardy to brand a first impression. 
But yell back the kickoff impression is non the last chance to brand a practiced impression.

Relationship is non exactly a word, 
Not exactly a friendship, 
It's a silent commitment, 
Which says, I volition live alongside you.

The best in addition to most beautiful things inwards the world 
cannot live seen,
not touched..
but are felt yesteryear the heart.

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