Make The Best Of Everything ! - Fresh Morning Time Statements !!

Some people ever throw stones inwards your path. 
It depends on you lot what you lot brand amongst them, Wall or Bridge? 
Remember you lot are the architect of your life.  

When overflowing comes, fish swallow ants together with when overflowing recedes, ants swallow fish. 
Only fourth dimension matters. Just concur on, God gives chance to everyone! 

Every work has (n+1) solutions, 
where n is the publish of solutions that you lot accept tried and 
1 is that you lot accept non tried. That’s life. 

It’s non of import to concur all the skillful cards inwards life. 
But it’s of import how good you lot play amongst the cards which you lot hold. 

Pour the fullness of your beloved together with positive usage into Each lilliputian moment. 
By calmly together with positively living a 2nd At a time, 
you'll convey your truthful greatness to life.

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