Motivating Forenoon Poesy Form !!

The happiest of people 
Don't necessarily convey the best of everything; 
They simply brand the nigh of everything that comes along their way.
Happiness lies for
Those who cry, 
Those who hurt,
Those who convey searched, 
And those who convey tried, 
For exclusively they tin appreciate the importance of people 
Who convey touched their lives.

When you lot were born, you lot were crying 
And everyone or in addition to thence you lot was smiling. 
Live your life in addition to thence that when you lot die, 
You're the 1 who is smiling
And everyone or in addition to thence you lot is crying.

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To those people who hateful something to you, 
To those who convey touched your life inwards 1 agency or another, 
To those who brand you lot smiling when you lot actually need it, 
To those that brand you lot encounter the brighter side of things When you lot are actually down, 
To those who you lot desire to know 
That you lot appreciate their friendship.

And if you lot don't, don't worry, 
Nothing bad volition hap to you, 
You volition simply immature adult woman out on the opportunity 
to brighten someone's life alongside this message...
Have a dainty day

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