Special Morning Time Notes !!

I intend that how ane lives is to a greater extent than of import than how long ane lives.
So I don't experience likewise bad.  

  Lim Yoon-taek ( H5N1 32 Year onetime South Korean cancer victim )

"You enquire me why I create non write something... 
I intend one's feelings waste materials themselves inward words, 
they ought all to live on distilled into actions and 
into actions which convey results."

  Florence Nightingale

All big things inward this public are done yesteryear people 
who are naive and 
have an sentiment that is apparently impossible.

  doctor Frank Richards

"Look at everything equally though 
you were seeing it for the starting fourth dimension time or the final time. 
Then your fourth dimension on the world volition live on filled amongst glory."

  Betty Smith

"Be a skilful listener. 
Your ears volition never give-up the ghost y'all inward trouble."

  Frank Tyger

The need heed is non a vessel to live on filled
but a burn to live on kindled.


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