Start Your Solar Daytime Alongside Particular Forenoon Notes !

"Get the facts, or the facts volition larn you. 
And when yous larn them, larn them right, 
or they volition larn yous wrong."

  doc Thomas Fuller

"Never get to argue the prejudice out of a man. 
It was non reasoned into him, as well as cannot endure reasoned out."

  Sydney Smith

To the illumined human being or woman, 
a clod of dirt, a stone, as well as gold are the same.

  Bhagavad Gita

A human being tin mail away neglect many times, but he isn't a failure 
until he begins to blame person else.

  John Burroughs

There is much satisfaction inward travel good done, 
but at that spot tin mail away endure no happiness equal to the joy 
of finding a pump that understands.

  Victor Robinsoll

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