Wonderful Morning Time Poesy Form !!

Each of us is a star. 
Sometimes situations, induce got our polish away. 
Clouds laid upward inwards as well as nosotros can't encounter our ain light… 
Sometimes nosotros polish amongst the rest… 
Sometimes nosotros twinkle alone… 
But nosotros induce got to realize, 
that nosotros sometimes are the merely betoken for
Someone inwards times of darkness..

So induce got the fourth dimension as well as realize your worth 
and handle for things that are important.. 
Even if the damage is great 
and you lot mightiness wound mortal you lot love… 
your truthful feelings induce got to last known… 
I induce got learned that nosotros are merely hither 1 fourth dimension on earth. 
We are non lucky plenty to induce got the conduct chances to alive our life all over, 
but nosotros are ended blessed, 
that at that spot volition nevertheless last a tomorrow 
and that is our conduct chances to brand a difference.

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