World Refugee Day: How Europe Is (Not) Dealing Amongst The World's Refugees In Addition To Migrants

Thousands of refugees queue for nutrient inward the Yarmouk camp, 2014.

Today is World Refugee Day, 2016.

Here are my thoughts on how Europe is (not) dealing amongst refugees:

1: We should aid every bit many existent refugees every bit possible. The best way to create that is to construct novel (and improve existing) camps in addition to cities inward unused areas inward LOW-COST countries, in addition to brand certain that they direct keep a decent lineament of life spell waiting to provide to their countries.

Helping mortal inward e.g. Norway​ tin terms 30-40 times to a greater extent than than inward e.g. a province similar Lebanon​. And nosotros tin solely pass coin once, in addition to then the rational alternative is e'er to pass it where it's most effective.

So - past times letting a refugee into Western Europe, nosotros are effectively kicking dozens of other refugees inward the aspect upwards spell telling them that "We picked out this ONE guy in addition to nosotros don't aid at all nearly the residuum of you."

Instead nosotros should create the rational thing, namely to aid every bit many people every bit nosotros can. Therefore nosotros tin NOT non pass unfathomable amounts of coin on the privileged refugees who direct keep the health, coin in addition to possibility to larn into Europe.

Because left inward war-torn regions are those who are also poor, also sick or also afraid to become anywhere. And it's them nosotros are directly consciously in addition to actively abandoning. It's obscene in addition to beyond tragic.


2: According to the UNHCR​ at that topographic point are over 65 1000000 refugees inward the world.

Even though nosotros desire to, nosotros can't aid these inward a long-term or sustainable way past times disrupting an already heavily strained European economic scheme in addition to organisation past times letting inward millions of refugees. Most of them volition terms the organisation a lot of coin because they can't larn jobs, either because of lack of skills or other factors.

For illustration the average Somalia​n immigrant inward Kingdom of Norway costs over 1 1000000 euro, spell the average Romania​n immigrant volition truly integrate good in addition to contribute to our economy.

The rational affair to create is to back upwards people inward camps in addition to cities inward low-cost countries, in addition to then that nosotros tin aid many to a greater extent than existent refugees.


3: We demand to hold upwards able to post economical migrants dorsum to their countries inward a swift, effective in addition to humane way. European countries must hold upwards able to enshroud in addition to deny migrants access to help. Biometric identification should hold upwards introduced, in addition to then it volition hold upwards tardily to know if mortal is using a faux identity. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 clear indicate must hold upwards sent out that migrants volition non hold upwards allow into Europe, in addition to that trying to create in addition to then is useless.

It's completely understandable that everyone wants a amend lineament of life - but for every migrant nosotros accept inward at that topographic point are at to the lowest degree 25-30 existent refugees who are non getting ANY aid at all. It's irrational in addition to inhumane to aid migrants every bit long every bit existent refugees are non getting the aid they need.


4: The UNHCR​ is chronically underfunded. Time and time again the means asks for funding inward guild to amend aid the refugees they serve - in addition to never receives enough.

It seems obvious to me that nosotros must halt spending coin on "expensive" refugees in addition to migrants inward western countries, in addition to rather post every bit much of the assistance every bit possible via UNHCR, which should hold upwards 100% funded at all times.


5: Additionally, huge cultural problems arise when a strict, clan-based, undemocratic, patriarchic in addition to highly religious mentality from many countries inward Africa in addition to the Middle East "clash" amongst our soft, progressive in addition to almost atheist social democracies.

For illustration nosotros direct keep already seen e.g. tons of sexual assaults on women inward western countries. And it volition Pb to many more, committed past times migrants in addition to refugees from cultures amongst a really dissimilar thought on the fairer sex.

Also, a novel phenomena inward Europe are the majority sexual attacks that we've seen inward recent years, sometimes referred to every bit "taharrush jamai". Female victims inward Deutschland clit their experiences in this video, in addition to it was originally seen in Islamic countries similar Egypt.

As an illustration - afterwards the New Years Eve sexual attacks in Cologne, government concluded that only iv of the 153 suspects involved were High German citizens. So 97% were foreigners, in addition to almost one-half them (68 people) were asylum seekers. 47 people had an "unknown" visa status, plus an additional xviii who were inward Deutschland illegally.

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