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Enjoy A Beautiful Morning Time !!

a lonely human being streaked across the phase giving a peace sign Enjoy H5N1 Beautiful Morning !!

Did you lot know...

... that today is Oscar Streaker Day?
At the 1974 Oscar ceremony broadcast on TV,
a lonely human being streaked across the phase giving a peace sign
as David Niven was introducing Elizabeth Taylor.


There are manifestly 2 educations.
One should instruct us how to brand a living as well as
the other how to live.

James Truslow Adams

You tin produce what you lot get got to do, as well as
sometimes you lot tin produce it fifty-fifty improve than you lot mean value you lot can.

Jimmy Carter
(1924-, American President (39th))

"If fourth dimension live on of all things nearly precious,
wasting fourth dimension must live on the greatest prodigality,
since lost fourth dimension is never constitute again;
and what nosotros telephone telephone fourth dimension plenty ever proves fiddling enough."

-- Benjamin Franklin

Let us get got today, Good Fri on the Christian calendar,
to catch our ain mortality...

Our fourth dimension on populace is limited, as well as therefore brand each instant count.
Set goals. Take action. Begin today as well as 1 time again tomorrow.

For those of truthful faith, expiry is non a fourth dimension to mourn,
but a fourth dimension to celebrate returning to the Creator.

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