Enjoy A Blissful Forenoon !

Good ideas are non adopted automatically.
They must survive driven into practise amongst courageous patience. 

  Hyman Rickover

Our lives cause to halt the twenty-four hours nosotros boot the bucket still most things that matter. 

  Martin Luther King Jr.

Life is also curt to waste. 
Dreams are fulfilled solely through action, 
not through endless planning to accept action.

  David J. Schwartz

Never incertitude that a minor grouping of thoughtful, 
committed citizens can alter the world. 
Indeed, it is the solely thing that e'er has.

  Margaret Mead

If you lot desire to know what a human is actually like, 
take uncovering how he acts when he loses money.

  New England Proverb

It is truthful that coin cannot purchase happiness 
but it does brand it possible for you lot to enjoy 
the best that the footing has to offer.

  George S. Clason

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