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Enjoy The Flying Of The Solar Daytime !!

Every sunset gives us ane twenty-four hours to alive but
Every sunrise gives us ane twenty-four hours to a greater extent than to pray.
And my prayer is that you lot are condom in addition to happy.

A expert innovation of today is amend that a nifty innovation of tomorrow.
Look backward alongside satisfaction in addition to await forrard alongside confidence.

Having individual to hollo back is pleasing plenty to the heart,
It doesn't affair if you lot solely message me ane time inward a while,
what affair is you lot hollo back me.

Let your morning time last similar a bird ride :
God equally your pilot
Dreams equally your wings
Hope equally your fuel
Love equally your engine
Friends equally your crew
Faith equally your security belt and
Happiness equally your passenger
I wishing you lot a beautiful journey.


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