Enlightening Forenoon Thoughts !!

Journey of life starts amongst a pocketbook of luck and 
an empty pocketbook of experience.
The destination is to attain sum the pocketbook of experience
before the pocketbook of luck gets empty !!

The infinitesimal yous settle for less than yous deserve
You acquire fifty-fifty less than what yous settled for
Nothing is likewise minor to fail and
Nothing is likewise big to attempt.

People who encounter inwards the journeying of life
expect a lot of things from you
But in that place are roughly idiots who 
expect cypher than only "U". 
They are your best buddies !!

You tin detect on the exterior exclusively what yous possess on the inside.

  Adolfo Montiel Ballesteros

Everyone has limits. You only bring to acquire what your ain limits are 
and bargain amongst them accordingly.

  Nolan Ryan (American Baseball Player)

Opportunity dances amongst those who are attain on the trip the lite fantastic toe floor.

  H. Jackson Brown Jr. (American Author
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