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Exclusive Forenoon Statements !

The breeze has awakened the Earth
And Lord's Day has colored our World
The birds accept added tune to the morning
I promise i am non belatedly to want u gud morning!

Look at everything every bit though....
you were seeing it either for the showtime or final time.
Then your fourth dimension on basis volition last filled amongst glory.

One who gives happiness cannot laissez passer on sorrow.
One who gives sorrow, cannot laissez passer on happiness.
Where at that topographic point is happiness at that topographic point cannot last sorrow.

We ever experience that expert things come about solely to OTHERS
But We ever forget that nosotros are too OTHERS to SOMEONE!!!!

No 1 is born happy....
But all of us are born amongst the mightiness to usage happiness...
So today, brand others happy...
Flash your sweetest smile...

Have H5N1 Day Full Of Smiles !!
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