Exclusive Morning Time Thoughts !

The life of human being is similar a game alongside dice;
 if yous don’t decease the throw you want, 
you must exhibit your science inwards making the best of the throw
you get.


The someone who knows HOW volition ever convey a job. 
The someone who knows WHY volition ever move his boss.

  Diane Ravitch

Just because Fate doesn’t bargain yous the correct cards, 
it doesn’t mean yous should give up. 
It merely agency yous convey to play the cards yous get to their maximum potential.

  Les Brown

There is no practise amend for the pump than reaching downward and
lifting people up.

  John Andrew Holmes

One of life's almost painful moments comes when nosotros must acknowledge that
we didn't create our homework, that nosotros are non prepared.

  Merlin Olsen


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