Great Morn Thoughts !!

Make it a utilisation to guess persons as well as things
in the close favorable calorie-free at all times
and nether all circumstances.

Saint Vincent de Paul

Remember that everyone you lot run across is afraid of something,
loves something as well as has lost something.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Be thoughtful of others as well as you lot volition non hold out shy,
for they are incompatible addictions.

Robert Brault

The best agency to knock the flake off your neighbor's shoulder
is to pat him on the back.

Author Unknown

Open your pump - opened upwardly it wide;
someone is standing outside.

Quoted inward Believe : Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Christmas Treasury past times Mary Engelbreit

Life is curt simply at that topographic point is ever fourth dimension for courtesy.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


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