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Happy Morning Time Feelings !

 that today is National Tap Dance Party Day Happy Morning Feelings !

Did y'all know...

... that today is National Tap Dance Party Day? On the birthday of Ann Miller, the 1950's actress who was famous for her tap dancing, throw a tap trip the low-cal fantastic toe party.


"Remember, people volition gauge y'all yesteryear your actions, non your intentions.
You may convey a pump of gilded -- but as well as hence does a hard-boiled egg."


A consistent mortal believes inwards destiny, a capricious ane in

Benjamin Disraeli

Fear is the chance for courage, non proof of cowardice.

John McCain

Every human as well as adult woman is born into the world,
to create something unique as well as something distinctive;
and if he or she does non create it,
it volition never travel done.

Benjamin E. Mays

Have a Nice Day !!!
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