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Lovely Morn Messages !!

Today is Donald Duck Day !!
On this 24-hour interval inwards 1934, Donald Duck made his covert debut inwards The Wise Little Hen

Self-respect is the source of discipline:
The sense of dignity grows amongst the might to country no to oneself.

Abraham Joshua Heschel 1907-1972

Success is neither magical nor mysterious.
Success is the natural effect of consistently
applying the basic fundamentals."

Jim Rohn

Only those who convey learned the might of sincere as well as selfless
contribution sense life's deepest joy: truthful fulfillment.

Anthony Robbins
(American author)

There's a deviation betwixt knowing the path as well as walking the path.

the grapheme Morpheus inwards the film The Matrix

You become what yous settle for.

the grapheme Louise inwards the film Thelma as well as Louise

Every human being dies, but non every human being actually lives.

the grapheme Braveheart inwards the film Braveheart

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