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Lovely Morn Thoughts !!

A grin is a fortune, but you lot can't sell it, 
you can't purchase it as well as you lot can't pocket it, 
but it isn't expert to anyone until it is given away.

There are many things inwards life that volition select care of your eye, 
but only a few volition select care of your heart...pursue those.

Don't say God how big your problems are...
tell your problems how big your God is.

What you lot are is God's gift to you,
what you lot boot the bucket is your gift to God.

Every individual that comes into our life comes for a reason, 
some come upwards to larn as well as others come upwards to teach.

To your heed endure gentle, 
to your life endure honest,
to your pump endure true, 
to your soul endure form !

Have Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Great Weekend !!

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