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Maybe .... Serial 1/4

Maybe . . .
We were supposed to reckon the incorrect people
before coming together the correct one,
So that when nosotros lastly reckon the correct person,
we volition know how to live grateful for that gift.

Maybe . . .
When the door of happiness closes, around other opens; but,
often times, nosotros await as well as thus long at the unopen door that
we don't fifty-fifty reckon the novel 1 which has been opened for us.

Maybe . . .
It is truthful that nosotros don't know what nosotros bring until nosotros lose it,
but it is likewise truthful that nosotros don't know what
we bring been missing until it arrives.

Maybe . . .
The happiest of people don't necessarily bring the best of everything;
they only brand the almost of everything that comes along their way.


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