Motivational Forenoon Feelings !

It's truthful that nosotros don't know What we've got until it's gone,

But it's equally good truthful that nosotros don't know
What we've been missing until it arrives..

You tin sack win to a greater extent than friends amongst your ears than you lot tin sack amongst your oral cavity !

When God allows a burden to last lay upon you,
He volition lay his arms underneath you lot to help you lot comport it.

Say what you lot mean, hateful what you lot say, precisely don't country it mean.

Worry is similar a rocking chair--it gives you lot something to create precisely it doesn't larn you lot anywhere.

In prayer you lot communicate amongst God, inwards meditation God communicates amongst you.

A weird matter almost humans is nosotros operate till we're sick to larn a fortune,
then pay a fortune to larn good again.

God e'er gives His best to those who move out the pick amongst Him.
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