Special Morn Messages !!

Hard things are seat inwards our way, non to terminate us,
but to telephone telephone out our courage as well as strength.


They tin conquer who believe they can.
He has non learned the first lesson of life
who does non every twenty-four sixty minutes menstruum surmount a fear.

   Ralph Waldo Emerson

"I can't create it" never even as well as hence accomplished anything :
"I volition try" has accomplished wonders.

   George P. Burnham

The greatest ability is ofttimes uncomplicated patience.

   E. Joseph Cossman

Every man's work, whether it move literature or music
or pictures or architecture or anything else,
is ever a portrait of himself.

   Samuel Butler

Everything you lot desire is out at that topographic point waiting for you lot to ask.
Everything you lot desire likewise wants you.
But you lot direct keep to direct keep activity to become it.

   Jack Canfield
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