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Start Your Twenty-Four Hours Alongside A Positive Banker's Complaint !!

Don't acquire the means life takes you.
Take the life the means you lot go,
Remember you lot are born to alive and 
not living because you lot are born. 

Some times Prayers doesnt alter the situation, 
but it changes our mental attitude towards situation, 
& gives us the hopes which changes our entire Life. 

Happiness ever looks modest if you lot tally it inward your hands, 
but when you lot larn to part it, 
you volition realize how big as well as precious it is.

If you lot desire something you lot never had, 
do something you lot direct keep never done. 

Happiness is non something you lot postpone for the future.
It's something you lot pattern for the present. 
Make each 2d a happy one.
I simply did it past times remembering U!

Have a prissy solar daytime !!
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