Story Of A Tea Loving Cup - Relish The Beautiful Morn !!

"There was a fourth dimension when I was only a dumb lump of crimson clay. Then i twenty-four sixty minutes menses my top dog came. He took me, brought me home, rolled in addition to pounded me on a wooden table. Again in addition to again, he poked his fingers into me until live I yelled out: 'Don't create that! Leave me alone!' But he only smiled in addition to gently said: "Not yet!"

Then, whoommmm! I was placed on a spinning bike in addition to all of a abrupt spun only about in addition to only about in addition to only about until I lost all my feel of direction: 'Stop it; don't yous encounter that I'm getting sick? Quickly, accept me from the spinning wheel!' But the top dog only nodded inwards agreement in addition to quietly said:
"Not yet!"

Then he placed me carefully into an oven. I never felt such heat. I yelled in addition to knocked in addition to pounded at the door: 'It is hotter than hell - I'm burning to ashes. Please larn me out of hither earlier it is likewise late.' I could only read his lips equally he shook his caput from side to side in addition to silently pronounced, "Not yet!"

After I had cooled downward he carefully picked me up, looked at me in addition to brushed some dust away. Then he brought the colors! The fumes were horrible! 'Please... You cause got no mercy! Please, Stop it!' But he only shook his caput in addition to said: "Not yet!"

An sixty minutes or afterward he came dorsum in addition to placed a mirror earlier me in addition to said: "Look at yourself!" And I did.What I saw amazed me. 'That's non me!' I said. 'It is likewise beautiful...' With a really compassionate vocalisation he spoke: "This is what yous are meant to be," in addition to and hence he explained: "I know it wound yous when I rolled in addition to kneaded yous on the table. But if I had non gotten the air out of you, yous would cause got broken. I knew yous must cause got lost all your feel of orientation when I was spinning you. But without this yous would never cause got come upwards into this form. I know the fumes of the colors were intolerable when I painted yous all over. But if I had non done that, yous would non cause got had whatsoever color inwards your life."

God is the potter in addition to nosotros are the clay. He volition mold us in addition to volition disclose us to only plenty pressures of only the correct kinds that nosotros volition larn a perfect slice of His liking.

Source : K.N.RAJAN
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