Today Is Exceptional - A Forenoon Poetry Form !!

 Today Is Special - Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Morning Poem !!

A proficient forenoon hug
I'm sending to you lot
Wrapped upward inwards dearest
With big smiles also

My especial wishing
Is you'll convey a proficient twenty-four hr catamenia
I promise things are pleasant
Each stride of the means

A twenty-four hr catamenia filled alongside sunshine
No clouds overhead
Feelings of peace
As you lot climb out of bed

Enjoy the fresh air
Be proficient to yourself
Find fourth dimension to relax
We alone alive i time

A proficient forenoon hug
For you lot my friend
Have a proficient twenty-four hr catamenia
From get-go till destination

May your twenty-four hr catamenia travel filled alongside sunshine!
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