Facing way Boredom In a Relationship

When the relationship is stable, no muss, no drama, and it is equally comfortable, then you will feel the boredom. It was very natural as natural-fair.

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That is not fair, is if we consider the "boredom" is a proof of the "lost sense", and then start looking for other sources of external relations preoccupation to fill the boredom.

Starting from looking for a friend confide opposite sex more can make the spirit, began stocking charm to my friends' office attractive, ranging lyrics left and right ... And it is not impossible at all if it is out there we will meet with the "other" who is able to resurrect flowery passion and make us remember the first days of her first invented.

Then we thought we fell in love with someone new, dam decided to leave the longtime partner. Then not long so, then repeats the cycle from the beginning.

Sometimes we never know that couples who love their lives every day and be happy forever exist only in fairy tales. Sometimes we forget that we live in the real world. If we ourselves do not decide and take action from to stop the cycle of falling in love - bored - new search - fall in love again, up to whenever there will be no end. Because you are guaranteed and will always be bored.

Here are two tips for you who are in a stable relationship and was bored:

1. Realize that boredom was reasonable, but conditioning your love every day.
Bored is how the natural evolution to create humans stop growing and do not go anywhere. Do not eat the same food, do not live in the same cave continuously, do not stay in the same state continuously. Thus, bored encourage people to always changing and evolving.

Boredom in a relationship does not mean that the natural way so that you do not go out with the same people constantly, but rather indicates that you have not done anything new in your relationship!

If you let your relationship stretchable without going to attempt to draw back, you're wrong. Although boredom is natural, still love must be nurtured every day to stay healthy relationship. Discover new activities that you like both, even try hobbies long forgotten. Go on walks together, take a moment to give a little surprise-surprise. Celebrate the stability of your love every day with new challenges together with your partner.

2. Appreciate and be thankful.
Do not let WHAT YOU WANT to make you forget about WHAT YOU HAVE. Because it was easy to forget to appreciate what you have when it was so long ago always there and never missing. Do not wait for the break up of new apologetic and asked for feedback, it is already much too late.

Sometimes, new people may look more attractive, newer, more funny, more makes us excited. But if in the end is definitely better than our spouse now? Do not be tempted because the grass is greener, remember, if the rain just wrote tarnish it.

Falling in love is easy. But to sustain love, to understand that boredom is one of the characteristics of stability relationships, to realize how childish end a relationship just because of bored, need a mature person and dare commit. I hope you and I included in that category.

If at the time of courtship wrote you can not fight the boredom, well ... let alone married.


How to Maintain Secret Love Long Distance Relationships

Long Distance Relationships is a relationship that is a scourge for many couples. That said, a lot of long-distance love affair will never succeed. Myth or fact?

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Try it our attention. Earlier times, when grandparents or mom and dad we were dating, let alone Skype, the phone just did not have. And not a few of them were the long-distance relationship but can survive, even though only armed with a love letter that is reciprocal.

At least it proves that it is not Long Distance Relationships that create love relationships fail, but rather to how the sex style today. You know anyway, what makes a love relationship Long Distance Relationships can survive the truth? Here you know three important secrets you need to know.

Remember the First Time You Fall In Love Each Other

Loved it not after long associated then bored as used goods. Or when you are away and then forgotten with the old and switch to a new one. It's a childish way to love.

Try to remember how early love blossomed between you and your partner, it can usually be made embers still burning love in your life and him. As if to only a way to remember the past? Not stale?

Try it note when your friends ask how early you and your partner love story. You must tell it from the heart and could feel the happiness of love that although the days are long gone. Try talking to a stupid sweet memory as a couple, to make and keep him (or more) intimate.

Stare at, Touch and Talk With Soft

Because you and he is not much to see, then you will feel the preciousness of every time and memories that you went through as a couple. When you and your partner are together, give him a touch, gaze and words of love delivered gently.

The power of touch is so remarkable in the relationship between you and your partner as well as touch can strengthen a perfect relationship between mother and baby. When you are in a stressful condition and stress as a couple in the distance, do not be quick to give up.

Take some time and take her to speak in a tone and words were soft. Such habits can make you survive despite the distance separating.

Discussing Problems

That leaves you and he can not solve the problem not only the differences but reluctance. When a problem has been present in the midst of couples, most of them are often reluctant to discuss the problem and find a solution. Finally, they will tend to avoid each other and the relationship will be stiff.

This habit will never clarify the relationship you and him. Make a commitment to each other to want to solve the problem, not winning an issue. Talk solution muffled his emotion.

Be thoughtful in dealing with problems of love, do not just maintain the ego alone. Make this moment into an opportunity to learn together in living adult love.

Long Distance Relationships is not a full relationship myth seems to never be able to survive. The decision to maintain the relationship in the hands of you and your partner.


How to Save a Relationship on the Verge Of Collapse

The relationship is the two-way street where both parties involved must give and take. It should be maintained, given the time, love and affection, that's the only thing that will continue to grow relationship turn. 

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Each relationship must have passed through difficult times where everything seems out of control and must be stopped. Often, in fact, you have to pass with patience and strength to take the initiative to revive the love faded. Here's how to save a relationship when on the verge of collapse.

Recognize the positive side
Think about the happy times when you go through this relationship. Many cases when love begins to fade because they are no longer able to see something that they think is important. Do you believe your relationship situation sparks began to lose his love? Do not be repaired at all? Remember the positive things when with him, and if the positives outweigh the negatives, then your love is still worth keeping.

Compare the situation
Although it is not advisable to compare your relationship with others. But in the case of fractured relationships, you should try it. share stories with your friends and see if they have experienced the same situation. Then asked if the issues they face are lighter or smaller than your problems. Suggestions of them will really help to improve your relationship.

Think about what makes you love him
Surely he has many good qualities that attracted you to him. Sit quietly and think about it, the beginning of fun the first time you meet him. Why are things changing so much since then? Are there any issues you or him? Give consideration these thoughts to find a solution advantages and disadvantages him.

Discuss common problems
Sit down with him and discuss the problems that the most common cause of dispute you. After the meet, try to negotiate with the expense of a little selfishness of each party and make it more flexible. The problem can be solved when handled with calm and mature manner.

Appreciate and be romantic
Being a little more generous with respect and give him praise. Tell him how good he is when you really find good about her behavior. Do not remember some bad quality that bothers you. He surely will recognize your efforts to strengthen the relationship and do the same for you.

Registering for the course or community together
Solve monotonous routine by registering for the course together, whether it's music, cooking, sports, etc. You can take a membership to a new community or gym. Doing fun activities together will definitely reduce stress and make you both feel the warmth of the relationship. Doing fun stuff will restore the romance you again, and you'll wonder why you ever decide you want to split.

Never end a relationship just because a small problem that can be solved. look for a solution to your problem with the same. Rest assured that all issues must be a way out. hopefully, how to improve relations with the pair above can inspire and motivate you to maintain a relationship with your boyfriend. may be useful.


How to Save the Relationship With Lover

You have a love affair with him for years and then cracked just because of the cheating lover? Problems like this are tough to pass. Feeling upset, sad, angry, and hurt, all mixed into one. It could even last long if not addressed immediately.

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Ending a relationship is not the right decision. Although many people believe that if you have it, then end with a relationship is the right path. Then, what is the solution? As quoted from the Handbag that there are five simple ways to be able to salvage your relationship with the lover workable.

Quality time with Si Him

How important it is to have quality time with your partner. If during this time, you and he used to go alone once every two weeks, then try to change these habits into one week just once.

Quality time with a partner can be used for sharing or share grief with each other. By doing so, you and he can find solutions together to address the problems encountered.

If you are too busy to work so did not have much time for him. Then try to take some time just for her. Use this time well to cover any of your relationships. Talk gently and carefully. Not to make him offended by your words. Create a calm and affectionate. Look for a romantic place that can regrow a love that might have been lost.

Have some quality time separately

If you spelled the person who often meets a lover, try to minimize the time to meet him. Always meet with him also not good because it can induce a feeling of saturation.

Make you be the one that he missed while you were on his side. Then you are busy themselves so that the intensity of meetings is reduced. Make him look for you and you are not looking for it. In addition, if you then met him, then you will be the person he loved most.

Often-frequent Communicate

Communicate with intense boyfriend also needs to be done. This also applies to continue to give him attention. Guaranteed lover will feel that you are always on the side.

Make a Romantic Atmosphere

Create a romantic atmosphere and different from usual. Something romantic and different things, it can make your lover feel the love from you. In addition to eliminating boredom romantic atmosphere will cause a sense of love and affection. With that your relationship will be better.

Understand what he wants lover

You have to be sensitive to the feelings of her. It is important to keep your relationship. This is a form of attention that you have to give to him if you love him. If a couple is experiencing difficulties, listen to his complaint. then help him find a solution. do not let him miss you when he needs your help. Remember, the attention is the primary key of a relationship.

That is how to save your relationship with him. I hope the above methods can They Benefit to you. Good luck.


How to Save Your Love Relationship

Do you have problems in relationships? Do you really care about it? Do you want to save her? Most people have some problems in their relationship at some point in time but if the problem persists. You need to look at and try to find a peaceful and durable solution. So, how to save your relationship?

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Relationships are very valuable and if you are intent to save him from disaster there are some simple steps that will help you win back the love of your life. Here are some simple tips on how to save your relationship.

Most relationships start going downhill as we fail in communicating our thoughts and opinions with those we love. Therefore, first, you need to open channels of communication. It is one of the most effective ways to save the relationship of failure. However, do not forget to be nice and polite when you communicate and avoid hurtful comments and references.

We all tend to be interesting and try to woo a loved one during the early stages of a relationship but once we get over this phase, we tend to take things for granted. Dress nicely and make efforts to create another miracle in your relationship.

Learn to express your feelings. Everybody admired someone who is open, frank, and honest. There are various ways to praise and express your admiration for your loved one.

Keep the joy of life with surprising each other. For example, you can arrange a surprise party for his / her peers or get him/her something they love.

It is very common to make mistakes in a relationship. Accept your mistake and apologize completely. Most people tend to forgive the mistakes of the past if the apology and repentance are genuine.

Give each other space and let them do the things they love. Most people tend to interfere much in their respective decisions and life in general, and this can cause a lot of frustration.

Try to seek help if you are both keen to save the relationship. You can seek help from a counselor who will be able to identify problems and offers simple solutions.

Most of us tend to have a busy lifestyle and do not devote time and attention to our loved ones. No relationship can survive if it is not maintained and cared for. It would be advisable to devote time to the things you loved doing before.

Do not be possessive and jealous love with your partner. because it will cripple the relationship that you have coached. possessiveness and jealousy overload will cause anger to the couple. begin to build trust each other. with confidence, you will explore new horizons together happily.

Listen to your partner. There are lots of verbal and nonverbal cues that we tend to lose when we do not listen to the way pay attention to what we say couples.


How to Deal Love Triangle and Solutions

What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase "love triangle"? It certainly depressing. As if your heart is pricked rusty knife, bloody and often makes your chest tightness by disappointment, resentment, anger, and sorrow. It is easier if you do not establish a formal relationship, but if you were an official partner or girlfriend you have loved, someone else would be more and more painful.

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Love cannot be forced. If your partner already in love with someone else, you cannot force him to stop loving the person. All you can do is how the way your partner with his own will be able to stop loving someone else. However, how? Difficult indeed. The important thing is that you have to be someone who always loved to be your partner remain faithful and be happy with you.

Just sharing, here I will try to discuss a love triangle that hopefully can solve your problem.

There is always a cause and effect

Do not rush to judge rushed our partners with a myriad of a bad label. Not loyal, a traitor, a liar and so on. Before you do that, try correction yourself. What is lacking in yourself so that your loved ones prefer someone else? Look for your weak point and immediately correct.

Often we feel the most correct selfish, so it is rarely correct ourselves. We often blame others rather than ourselves. Know why you are not loved whether because of nature you angry? Alternatively, you overprotective and possessive? Alternatively, you may be too selfish with your desires so that your loved ones are not comfortable with you so that your loved ones are looking for the convenience of others.

Improve yourself. Be personal was polite, gracious and mature. You also need to practice to become communicative. Be a good listener and occasionally you have to be brave to give a solution to various problems. Give a bit of humor so that the person you love is always comforted by your presence.

Nothing is perfect

You cannot choose from the uterus who you were born. That destiny. If you are born with the body and faceless shapely. In the case of less, beautiful and shapely is difficult to change. Because after all, the outside appearance also influences how others perceive you. However, do not make it as the main reference so that you feel insecure and pessimistic.

You are not required to be a perfect human figure. You are only required to have a private graceful and dignified. Elegant private is not determined by how beautiful your face, how well your body but of your self-carriage for which you are so attractive to people you love. Believe in yourself.

Not all should be explained

When you choose the red color and ignore the color green, it does not mean because green is the color that bad. One of the ways of God so that man may live in pairs is to provide every human tendency to like something based on personal preferences. You prefer roses instead of jasmine; you cannot blame your choice. Likewise, in a relationship, sometimes there is no reason why we love people.

The person you love does not choose you may also be because it was not bad for your eyes, not because you are less beautiful or handsome, but only because she had no reason why we should love. In addition, the people you love do not need a reason to love someone else. Because of the tendency of the liver is already congenital, which usually corresponds to his personal character.

Life must go on

Keep walking and stepping explores your personal life. You have parents who are so dear to you. You have a friend who is always you for you. Many people love you, so do not let you forget about the love of others for the sake of a love that does not love you.

You have no future, live your future. Fix it yourself so you can have this one better than the one you love today. Move on, as sad as anything yourself life will continue to run. Look toward the future and make the past as a teacher. Prove you will get far more people can be happy you someday.

May we always gave happiness in love? In love, one may get lost in the love that cannot be owned. However, someday, God will show the way in a beautiful way and in a way that is unexpected to bring us to the people who will be our spouse forever.


Overcoming Blind Love without Coercion

Blind love. Love that makes someone like losing my mind. The ugly face looks pretty because love is blinding. Has a bad character looks well because love is blinding.

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Actually, blind love does not make him blind indeed. However, because of lust overtake him that they did not think long and do not want to think about the good and bad. The subconscious mind acts without conscious thought alias logic thinking. Thus came the term blind. If the act is something to love without thinking logically, then came the term blind love.

The most important point to note in blind love is the effect of the power of the subconscious mind alias strength of feeling. Average with frequent blind love is a woman. Why? Well, because women are too inclined to think of feeling. Thus, given enough touches woman smelling a sense of the logic will be weak.

Regardless of the number of people who advised her about the man she loved, still, he did not want to hear and think. Because the element of feeling has been controlled by the people he loves.

Rarely do men experience blind love. What do the men, defending desperately whether or not the man she loved, still based on the elements of logic?

Do not consider blind love men who really care and are willing to sacrifice for the woman he loves? Because that man already knew about the woman based on the elements of logic. So worth fighting. Because love is blind "No matter how and what, the important thing I love" to the extent that does not involve logic.

Blind love can also mean lost in love, so forget the kindness of others to do. Forget to eat, forget to sleep, forget more because it was too cool to enjoy the love. The point is lost in love that makes some other consideration aside. This then went inside the subconscious mind influences that it had entered into an element of love.

Then how to overcome the blind love blind love in particular to the women? When associated with logic, the logic wears something like advising and information that is reassuring. However, when it comes to feeling the need to play with more feeling.

The following practical steps that need to be done to address someone who is experiencing blind love:

Recognizing that the goodness of love is not necessarily true

Indeed, love can give kindness. However, in this case, is still common. Goodness someone different from the kindness of others. Could give a special gift from the proceeds of stealing is a virtue. However, goodness wrong. Still, wrong is wrong.

Love is a benefit. Benefits to the feeling of feeling good. However, feeling good is not necessarily true. Therefore, you need to realize the real causes benefited correct. When included in the discussion of giving the good that is true then it is a legal matter?

Do therapy consciousness to accept the truth on the virtues of compassion

Woman closest to you might exist that are upset because of the face of pressure from his family. The woman was in love with the man via the courtship. However, the family refused because it turned out he was a criminal woman and many other vices. However, the woman continued to stand firm in his love because it is loved blind.

Then a case like this is no longer a problem of logic. Has entered the territory of the feeling. Impervious advised and even though the weight of law. Even if obeyed then makes the heart hard hit that it could lead to liver revenge on those who forbid connection.

Then a nice move is not talking prohibition of courtship. Have a chat and others that are more soothing thoughts and feelings. However, not only the woman who had to be quiet, the family party had to be quiet.

When it is quiet, counsel is correct. If the woman does not want to break up with his girlfriend, then it could ask for an opportunity for women to obey rules at least not like before. More rules for maintain women.

Be sincere and complete all the problems in the Lord

Realize that love is blind facing a test from God. Whether sincere how you face trials? As it took the power of God on the matter at hand.

Think well, whether it is important to eliminate blind love someone? Important? Lest we ourselves are blind and only desire the destruction of other people loving relationship.

Leave it all to God. We can only plan and the Lord determines everything.

Important, God understands what we want. Just because someone blind love makes us blind will also be the truth.


Love Is Not Enough To Make a Happy Marriage

Without love, live wedding days will be difficult. However, the love you have marriage does not guarantee happiness. You can fall in love repeatedly with your partner. However, remember, the love of a person before and after getting married is not the same. Some are even reduced levels of love after marriage. This is because each pair will undergo changes in the roles and responsibilities are considered in addition to uniting in love like a courtship.

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Conflicts and disputes will occur gradually erode the love that exists. If you do not have a lock and handle in addition to love, the possibility when problems come up to your marriage relationship, you will easily fall. Here are the things you can do to maintain a happy marriage that, in addition to the provision of the love that you can give to our partner:

Always assign a shared commitment as a key to your wedding

When quarrels come, remember this important commitment, where you and your partner together promise to be faithful in difficult circumstances and happy.

Undertake the responsibility of each

Before marriage, the husband does not have the responsibility of being the breadwinner, and the wife was not responsible for the affairs of the household. Well, when entered into the world of marriage, each party will be burdened with the roles and responsibilities that must be executed properly. When husband and wife successfully completed any responsibilities, family welfare will be fulfilled.

Appearance is important to note

Most couples after marriage and having children, they feel no need to keep up appearances. The statement was wrong. Give the best performance and maintain ideal body shape it will increase your confidence and sense of such couples before marriage.

Do not try to change a couple

Flaws and bad habits couples will be more visible as time goes by marriage. Even you never thought you could be such a partner. When the shortage was an issue for you, do you ever think why I could love anyone like this, huh? Your regret is of no use. Rather than focus on shifting flaws and bad habits, better focus on its advantages.

Communicate with appropriate language

Try to talk to your partner by either using the right language. Your attitude, it will make a couple more respect you. Although your partner really loves you, but if you speak harshly, snapped, then over time your partner so saturated as well.

Try to yield if the fight comes

It would be very difficult to budge during a quarrel. You and your partner may be feeling the same emotions. Therefore, what happens, you are both trying to justify himself. Succumbing not mean you are wrong and lose. Succumbing is a short way to end the bickering continued. When the quarrel came, love seemed lost.

When couples make mistakes, admonish with love

Nobody is perfect. So, if couples make the mistake that makes your heart crushed and disappointed, do not rush cornered him with harsh words. Mistakes cannot go unpunished, but you must permanent admonished him with love so that he can realize his mistake and promised not to repeat it again.

Openness in all respects

a love that is based on dishonesty will not last long. Dishonesty like illness in marriage, which over time will eat away at your happiness. Try to be open in all matters relating to domestic relations, like open in a matter of feelings, finance, employment, and social relationships.

A healthy sex life

In marriage, sex is a necessity. In a healthy sex, biological needs are met and mutually satisfactory, will increase the warmth of your relationship.

Mutual maintain social relationships

Maintain mutual relationship with the families of both parties is factors supporting your marriage relationship. Maintain familiarity with other families in addition to the nuclear family in your household you need to improve as well. Because sometimes in difficult times, you will need encouragement and help from family.

Decision-making shared

Maintain a good relationship with your partner's family is the supporting factor of your marriage relationship. You need to maintain and increase familiarity with other families in addition to the nuclear family in your household. Because sometimes in difficult times, you will need encouragement and help from family.

Okay, apparently in building a marriage that cannot only rely on love alone. Many other factors that we must do to our marriage happy.


How to Refuse Must Love Without Hurt Feelings

Maybe today you are more confused about how jilt someone who has expressed her love for all this to you, but you do not like it at all. Would immediately reject but was afraid he hurt.

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You need to know that everyone must feel the pain when love denied. However, if the rejection was done well and politely, then he will be able to receive those circumstances, despite the hurt is still there.

Then how do I refuse, love with subtle though he does not feel hurt?

The first tell you proudly that he had love or falling in love with you. Then say frankly that for the moment you cannot love him, or let us say if you already have a spouse or lover. In addition, the relationship as friends or companions can continue.

Tell him that this time you are not ready for a relationship of love. The reason you want happy parents or any other reason that makes sense, for example, they want to own, wants the focus to college or want to establish a career.

You can tell by a gesture, for example, did not return phone calls, or chat. In addition, always shy away when he tried to invite walking together or meet.

Alternatively, you can also use the ways jilt politely as below:

Request time

Refusing direct when he reveals his love would make him hurt. He would think he had been rebuffed. Therefore, even if you do not like, ask for time to think, at least 3 to 7 days.

Do not let him wait too long because it will be a more painful heart. In addition, with this trick, your refusal will not look extreme.

Tell Direct

Direct say it will feel better than deputy rejection through friends, phone, let alone chat. It will only make him feel humiliated. Therefore, as much as possible say that rejection directly from your lips.

Likewise, when the express rejection surely does not install but install an expression as if you did not want to reject his love. Repel with smooth words. Do not scold or to insult.

Sweet Reason

There are a million reasons even more, but finding the right one reason that it is not easy. While there is no way, to be honest, then what? This way, you say what they are. Just say it honestly if you are not in love with him.

After Rejection

Be as usual. Keep smiling and say hello. Then you do after rejecting it being cold to her.

Anyway, you are a human being who has feelings and you ought to keep her feelings. Denied was already quite ill, do not add to the burden him again with a bitter attitude.

Those are some tips on How to Refuse Must Love Without Hurt Feelings who you might practice. May be useful.


Only A Stupid Man Is To Waste A Sincere Woman Who Loves Her

Not all men can understand the language of love, of a woman. Not all men are able to read the language of sincere feelings of a woman. Sometimes a sincere love given by a woman was actually rewarded by hurting women who have given such love. If there is a man to waste a sincere love of a woman, then it is very appropriate that he called a stupid man.

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However, that is unique is sometimes precisely such type of man is the one who sometimes makes her hard to forget. When it was clearly a man like this is the type of bad man, but a woman nonetheless leaves the door open her heart and sorry for the man. However, I am sure, having will not last forever. This is because when the woman ran out of a sense of patience with the man, then he will leave the man.

For men who have been entrusted by a woman, you must be a real man who can love his answer to you. You do not even do the odd and even make him hurt.

Love and sincerity are two separate things. Many women who fall in love, but have no sincerity in love. That's why, when there is a woman who sincerely loves you, do not ever love you to waste. You do not ever hurt her by letting her love passed. Guard him and keep him with all your heart, because he alone is able to make you happy. He will always be faithful, to be beside you in a state of joy and sorrow.

Women who love you when you're rich, many women who love you when you have that many positions, women who love you when you're still a handsome lot. However, only a few women who want and you love sincerely when you collapsed, when you're poor and when you are not looking anymore. Therefore, if you own someone nice lady and very sincere heart love you, do not ever make him hurt and to waste his love. His true for the love you obviously cannot be bought at any price. You are lucky to get a sincere love for free. His heart is made of diamonds are the most expensive. Then it would be foolish if you throw him.

Be careful you in treating women. Do not ever intentionally or unintentionally for to waste design sincere woman who loves you. If you do a thing to hurt her feelings, do you think it mentioned will not be reciprocated? The woman you not waste it probably will not pray ugliness for you, but god is all-seeing and all-knowing what you've done to him. God could have been anger with what you have done. So do not ever hurt a woman who sincerely loves you.

Did you know that a lot of men out there who yearn for the woman who loves him sincerely? They are looking for and continue to search for the name of the sincerity of the love of a woman, but many of those who did not find it. So, if beside you right now there is a woman who sincerely loves you are, you should be grateful for it.

A sincere woman who loves a man that is very rare. It is therefore often a man has to struggle to get it. Therefore, if you've found a woman who sincerely loves what is and selfless, then do not waste his love. Lest ye sorry she had hurt him. Regret it always comes at the end. So think carefully about what you should do.

So now, o men, promise not to hurt the feelings of women who sincerely love you. Remember, women love that only comes once in your life. Never go to waste her. Loved him and make him happy.


Not Too Long Harbored A Love

Love will bring a love, happiness if you treat it well. However, love will hurt you if you treat love with one. One of the wrongful acts of love is to hold it too long in the liver. It will only bring great remorse for you. Then, any bad result when you harbored love? And what should you do when you're in love with someone?

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Before I explain more about this hidden love, I will try to give the impact of latent love this and what should you do to him to understand that you're in love with her.

If you are in love with someone, make him feel comfortable around you, but not be allowed to become over your behavior and make him even feel uncomfortable. After he felt comfortable being around you, so feel free to express your heart's content. Do not use sign language, the unspoken language he understands. Because sign language is only used by people who cannot speak. A woman is a more respectful man who is able to express his love verbally.

You must express your love quickly and not too long waits for the right time. Because there could be another person who is estimating he also wants his love. Lest there be late. If you are late, then the people who love him will go ahead of you to express his love. And as a result, you will feel sorry for not having a chance to say love with someone you love.

Feelings of love can indeed make a person can do anything. Feeling love when they do not control, so extreme actions were sometimes often done to get to the person she loves. If a love is not accomplished, it will cause negative effects such as stress and anguish. As a result of this stress will arise a variety of diseases that will attack your body. So, if you have the love for someone, immediately putting it, not to the continuous feeling of love you buried in the heart.

Love, it could be positive and negative for those who are in love. Love can bring happiness if the unrequited love. However, if that love kept buried and ultimately not achieved, it will have negative consequences. Love it involves feelings of our hearts and conscience. If you are in love, then you can do anything, as long can get love from people that you desire. Its the positive and negative result of love, all depending on your choice.

How to love hanged or love without answers? Love without the answer is that when you speak of love to the one you love. When you have to express your love to him. But no response and definite answer whether he loves you and there is no definite answer whether she chose someone else. In times like this, you will feel a very heavy burden of living this love story. If you experience this what should you do?

The first: express and convey back your heart's content. This time should be clearer and more detailed than the previous delivery. Use the expression on the face of serious and full of hope that he accepts your love.

Second: do not give him a chance to not answer your love. Use the word assertive in expressing love. Use word loud and clear for an answer. And Use submissive body language and weak to expect his love.

Third: if she accepts your love, then give him a big hug and kiss signifying that you are ready to into his life companion. Do not give a kiss, lust because it would ruin everything. Celebrate the day by inviting him to have dinner or a first date.

Fourth: if your love is rejected, then accept it gracefully. Courage to face the fact that he does not love you. Do not run away from reality. Experimentalist does stupid things that will make you worse off in sadness. Try to stand up and look for another love again.

Fifth: if he is not willing to give an answer, then give a time limit, for example, two or three days to think.

Sixth: if it has reached the time you give, immediately ask what his decision. If he still does not want to answer, then I am sure that she does not love and she refused your love. She just did not want to hurt your feelings by saying no love. Immediately go away and say thank you already gives hope.

So after a length, I explained about love this hidden, I will put an end to her with the words "never harbored a love you have, immediately say before it's too late, whatever the cost, because that's love, can make happy and can make you hurt."


Do Not Waste The Sincerity Of Someone Who Loves You

When you feel it is great when you feel your life is already perfect and have got everything, but realize that it's you alone. Not someone with your life. All that you have achieved becoming meaningless because of the true happiness yet you get. You can only share the happiness only for yourself.

find love

When you feel that a lot of people who will fall in love with you, at that time you did not realize that you have been deceived by the dictionary's own feelings. You'll never realize that there is someone who has loved you sincerely that you have not wasted. You do not know how that person by his sincere and sincerely accept all your actions, attitudes you cold, Your ignorance perfection betrayals have you done to him.

You'll never realize that you have to waste his love because your mind is always said that you can get other people far more beautiful and wonderful while she is not everything for you and do not mean anything to you. That you can get the better of him and you'll get a lot of love from others besides him. You will not notice if you have to waste his love because you are so busy with other people. You'll never realize that it is a very sincere affection for you. Love is simple but perfect.

Have you forgotten that it is not the number of love and pleasure are you looking for in your life. Have you forgotten that it is not just a beauty, good looks and sheer beauty that you need to complete your life. You are looking for is someone who has a clean conscience and a sincere can receive all the goodness and shortcomings, which do not sue you become someone who is not you. We're never asked to return at all, but hope you can love.

But you'll forget all that if your eye has been covered by the trust you very excessive that make you a proud and selfish and you missed your chance to get perfection in your life when you leave it.

However, when you're in a slump, are in solitude and loneliness in the midst of life, you do not have anyone. When you want a given person's sincerity to you, everyone who you expect away and could not give a sincerity that you would expect. Every person whom you would actually go away and leave you. And you will feel very disappointed.

That's when you'll remember, remember those who've loved you with a sincere heart, as you would expect. Then you will remember all the treatment you have done to him. You will remember all the mistakes you had committed to him. How you have wasted his life, time is precious, and love. How you made him fall into disappointment and sadness. How you have hurt her sincere love.

Suddenly you miss him very much and want her there beside you, to keep you company through a period of decline. You miss all the patience he has given you. You miss moments with jokes and laughter. You miss him always waiting for you. You miss him always adore you. You miss affection. Even you really want to have his love back. You really want to hug her tightly, holding him with all sincerity of love.

That's when you realize that he have you not waste it was a strong man, who always fought for love. Love is able to bear all the grief and burden you gave. He will never leave you even if you have harmed. It turns out he was the one who always receives any shortcomings with a wounded heart. He is a figure who has given love, a smile, a sense of pride, the tears flowing. All because of you. A figure that remains faithful to you that often you just leave it alone. A figure that in the worst circumstances, even if they dare to love you and still leaves love for you.

A figure that you not waste it is a figure that ignores the interests of himself in order to maintain and show his love to you. That makes you as the person he loves the most "

Do not ever count how many times you're hurt and abandoned in a love story. But get you counted how many times you've hurt him, hurt him, but he never left any like others who have gone.

Then you remember all the words ever spoken to you. You remember all expression of feeling love them. You remember how he begged you not to leave. You remember how much she wanted to be beside you. You remember how scared he'll lose you.

Then you start to wish you remain there. You hope to be back there, to be there it shall place that you love. You're going to miss him there with you. You would miss his sincerity. You would miss him always love you.

But you've left when you have found the most love. Regretfully can not help you. I have left deep wounds together. I have left along with the pain in his heart and he had you left together sincerer love.

He does not you can find more in your life. A figure like him can not you find it again in your life. A figure like him will continue to haunt your life who has repented of his deeds which you gave to him. Regret because you have neglected so great love for you.

You will only be worse off because you're already too late to realize that you have wasted a person actually be able to equip your life with love sincerity. Live the person you so richly with love.

After all destroyed. Said forgiveness does not matter anymore. You realize that you are the most stupid people in this world because it has wasted himself with not appreciate it. You realized how much he means to you. You just realize that in fact, he was the figure that this submarine you need. You just realize that because just love it you can become a perfect figure. You realize that only love can help you from the pain of the wound. And forever you will miss him, which no longer exists besides you. He is no longer filling your days as it used to. She is no longer possible love you as before. A figure that you longed for has gone and will not come back again.