Story of Two Friends

The story of two best friends who were walking across the desert. Amid the trip, they quarrel and one without restraint slapped her.

Moral Stories

People slapped, was hurt, but without saying a word, he wrote in the sand: People slapped, was hurt, but without saying a word, he wrote in the sand:

"Today, My Best Friend Slapped cheeks."

People whose cheeks slapped and hurt tried to swim to cool his troubled. They continued walking until he found an oasis where they decided to take a shower. However, it turns out the oasis deep enough that he almost drowned, and saved it her by her best friend.

When she started to sober up and fear is gone, he wrote on a stone:

"Today, my best friend saved my life."

The assistant who had slapped his friend asked, "Why, after I hurt you, you wrote in the sand and now you write on a stone?"

His friend smiled and said, "When a friend hurts us we should write it down in the sand so that the wind blows and clear apology to the text. In addition, if something happens between friends in the slightest virtue, we have carved in the rock of our hearts, to keep remembering not blown time lost. ,"

In life are often differences of opinion and conflicts arise because of different viewpoints. Therefore, try to forgive and forget past problems.

Let us learn to write in the sand.


We Treasure Actual

We often wrong in addressing our real treasure. Many people who accumulate wealth in banks, stock investment, buy land, houses, cars, and so forth. Is it true that all that is our truth?

Moral Stories

To answer, let us learn the story of Mrs. Emma very simple:

Emma's mother is a woman whose job gathers plastic waste from packaging. Just to get it, he must pick it up in the river. Middle-aged women, thin, her hair tied back, a lot of white colors it is 54 years old, and here are excerpts of my conversation with Mrs. Emma.

"Good morning…"

"Morning. Yes, sir what is up? "Asked Mrs. Emma  ...

"I am a writer; get to see the story of someone's mother. We would like to speak briefly, can you...? "I explained.

"Oh  ... can, please come in."

Mrs. Emma entered through the back door. I waited at the front. Not long, electric light the flame in her living room, and the front door was opened.

"Please come in…"

I went into the 'living room' filled with two wooden chairs were already wobbly. Place the holder foam that has been perforated at the edge. Apparently, Mrs. Emma just turns on the electric lights when there are guests only. If the house was abandoned, regular power is turned off. Frugality she said.

"One moment yes sir, I take a drink of water," said Mrs. Emma.

Mrs. Emma is meant to take drinking water is light the stove with firewood and above it, there is a pot filled with water. Mrs. Emma had to boil water used to provide drinking water for his guests.

"Yes, ma’am  ... guns have bothered." It bothers me.

We began to chat.

Emma's mother age 54 years, the main job collecting plastic and sold for the US $ 0.5 per kg. When I asked his activities besides looking plastic,

"Reading the Book of Holy Qur’an ...," she said.

"Today any kind ma’am ...?" I asked

"On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday ..." he replied. Friday and Sunday is a day to accompany his mother who cared for at home.

Oh... so read the Qur'an so apparently the most activity. It turns out in the recitals, usually mothers teaching that definitely got drinks packaging, voluntarily and automatically collect glasses of mineral water bottled in plastic and become souvenirs for Mrs. Emma.

Hmm, apparently drank water while diving. While reading the Qur'an can be plastic.

I asked again,

"The farthest sermons where Mom?"

"In the near terminal Bubulak, no recitation mosque every Saturday. I am always present; religious teacher nice anyway ... "said Mrs. Emma.

"Dong car ride there ...?" I asked.

"I walk," said Mrs. Emma

"Why walk ...?" I asked curiously.

Mrs. Emma income of about US $ 0.5 a day. I want to know the allocation of money for their daily lives. Confused how can survive on $ 0.5 a day.

"Yeah  ... sir, I walk away from here. There is a shortcut, though it should be through the rice fields and small roads. If I walk, I had some money khan $ 0.2, which should make the cost, now that I set aside for alms to the chaplain ... "Mrs. Emma explained.

"That is, $ 2 the mother gives to a teacher?" I gaped. Mrs. Emma, the guns have money, I muttered to myself.

"Yeah, that $ 2 I love all the teachers ... for charity." Said Mrs. Emma, flat.

"Why Mom, why is given to a teacher?" I was stunned.

"Because if I give willingly, $ 2 already definitely belonged to me in the hereafter, noted by God ... If I have money left over, can ONLY fortune of others, perhaps sustenance retailer’s rice, sugar retail merchants, retail merchant’s kerosene.... "Mrs. Emma explained, so it sounds like a family financial management specialist terrific.

Dzig! I like getting punched Mike Tyson (The Boxer). A landslide!
There is a simultaneous hair standing on my neck and arms. I Goosebumps!

So, Mrs. Emma aside money, $ 2 from USD $ 5 a day for the wherewithal to a religious school for thinking that that was going to be right in the hereafter later?

'Interview' exact imitation was immediately ended. I said goodbye and said that when it was published, I will meet with Mrs. Emma back, maybe next week.

Life is fleeting ... while...

We are given time in the world to set up a real life in the hereafter.

Those who collect only for worldly wealth, so that all would be left...

However, the goods are ready to collect his property for the Hereafter, and then we will definitely attack it....

Have we set up our real property for future lives?


The Story of the Poor but Rich Heart

Thomas Cannon

Thomas Cannon called the poor is not appropriate because he worked at the US Postal Service with a salary of no more than the US $ 20 thousand per year, including small amounts in Richmond, USA since 1972. However, since then Thomas donates part of her salary to support volunteers in the school.

Moral Stories

Although Thomas had to support his two sons and his wife, that did not stop Thomas for charity. Thomas is looking for people who need the help of a local daily Times-Dispatch in Richmond, Virginia, USA.

After retiring in 1983, Thomas and his wife spent his life in simplicity, so that retirement income can be donated.

"We live a simple life, so we can set aside money to be donated. People say how you can live with it. Well, what about the people who can buy cars and boats? Instead of that, we still maintain the standard of living we are below average -rata. I get money from the same place where people get the money for other things, "said Thomas.

After that, Thomas was diagnosed with colon cancer. However, he did not give up and instead fills his days with teaching in a community in Richmond, how to face death without fear.

"This man is constantly going to die and come with birth. This natural phenomenon has existed since the beginning of creation. It just shifts into and consciousness from one dimension to the existence of the other," said Thomas, who eventually died at the age of 79 years on July 4, 2005.

Daw Duo Chi

Daw Duo Chi, 76-year-old grandmother, victims of Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar quickly took Bambini savings.

"My house was destroyed by hurricanes, and I would stay at home son or my brother. I only have a 100 Kyat (about US $ 30)," said Daw.

He donated the remaining money he had, which was a lot of it, to help others. Daw then very happy after donating, he was singing and dancing afterward. In addition, influence others to do the same thing, such as reported from

Aiam Chabhiranon

A man with disabilities with walking difficulties and use a cane 61 years old, Aiam Chabhiranon. Aiam is known to live alone.

With his disabled condition as it was, there was not much he could do. He spent from morning to evening to beg in the streets Wat Rai Khing, the temples in Nakhon Pathom, Sam Phran District, and 56 km from Bangkok Thailand.

On 9 April 2011, there was a horrendous incident there was an unidentified beggar donated 400,042 baht to the temple so that the pilgrims can buy lotus temple. Known than the beggar is Aiam.

Aiam already begging near the temple for 35 years. Near the temple, Aiam put his little iron box to collect money, with a large plastic bag to save money.

"I give all the monks," said Aiam as reported by the Bangkok Post, May 5, 2011, last.

The temple itself has been forbidding beggars to hang out in the vicinity, but an exception for Aiam, as long as he does not disturb others.

Porntep Patthawee (40), a man who has worked in the Wat Rai Khing for 3 years said, Aiam the disabled and humble the sympathy of those who see it.

"Uncle Aiam does not ask for money, he just sit there and be quiet," said Porntep.

Porntep really does not know since when Aiam donates the proceeds of begging. He recalled, first Aiam provide thousands Baht, and then tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands Baht Baht when summed the year.

Xu Chao

Beggars, Xu Chao (60), donate begging her to help the victims of the Sichuan earthquake.

Xu first shirted this tangled accounted for 5 Yuan in the morning, then in the afternoon he put another 100 Yuan, muttering, "For the victims in the affected areas".
This generous action Xu cash inviting widespread attention in the area of Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. Media then raised her figure.

Not only Xu, at the same time, in Hunan Province, the old woman shoeshine unnamed in the Shuangfeng donated 182 Yuan, total income that day.

"This is not the first time I saw her leave the money in the charity box. I do not know for sure, but at least he did it 10 times," said local Department of Social Services official, Wang Yang, as reported on May 22, 2008,

She was giving 60 Yuan in the morning, then she worked again shined shoes valued her pair 1 or 2 Yuan. Every time he collected 20 Yuan, he put that money into a charity box, after it worked again.

Well, people like this, that is not published, in much of the world, look around us. Whether we can be like them?


Moral Story : The Girl Standing On The Roof

One day, a young woman standing on the roof of a high building. This he did because she knows her husband is having an affair with another woman and because of the hurt and despair, he wanted to end his life by suicide.

Moral Stories

With little doubt in his heart, he began to move further towards the edge to jump off the top of the building. Then he decided to end his life and jump.

Prior to picking her death, fear permeates the whole soul. Suddenly she felt like being in the hands of a person. Then he opened his eyes and saw an angel located nearby and was holding her body falling from the building.

The woman then asked the angel.
"why did not you let me fall?" he said in an angry tone.

"I will let you fall off if you were dead, but before that, you have to know that there will not be a memory that will you leave this world, everything will be erased". The angel replied.

"how could it be?". The woman asked in shock.

Then angels and even then replied, "you do not have children who will be going to remember who you are, your mother is old and he's going to die soon, while others soon will soon forget you".

"and my husband? He's going to blame himself for the banks have become the cause of death, if he is guilty, then he'll remember me."

"it will not happen, your husband does not love you, he'd find happiness with another woman, and she would not blame himself for death, and someday she'll forget you".

"okay, I believe you. But I have objects and photographs that will make others remember me". Replied the woman again.

"your house will burn after one year and all of yours will also burn to ashes".

"but my friends have my pictures" returned the woman was denied.

"you do not have friends". Angel replied softly.

"but I was in a memorable photos alma mater',s," she said again loudly.

Then this woman back said with a smug "are you going to let me go if I can prove that there will be a memory that is left behind when I die?

Angel it was then said: "no, you're just wasting my time alone, you have convinced me that I should let you die, whereas other human beings survive desperately to live although their chances are very small. I do not want to spend moments it with you because I can help other people at this time. I want to give a chance of survival for people, but not to people like you ".

Suddenly the angel began to stretch out both steps and then let the woman's body this fall and die.

Understand friends, life is full of ordeals. Don’t ever desperate to try. Never take a decision that is self-inflicted. Remember, you are never alone in this world. Do not feel that just you who is in trouble. Others also affected many possible problems with you and they are able to deal with it. Be a great person and never despair.

Life Story Of a Beggar Who Become Entrepreneurs

Congratulations pal reunited, this time I'll tell you about a beggar who eventually became an entrepreneur. I hope this story can be a motivation and inspiration for all of you. Happy reading.

This story contains a very good motivation for us to learn. The Extraordinary story of a beggar who does not have anything, and later became a successful businessman. This story also teaches us that is not the situation is what makes us into the poor, but the intention and mentally we who actually makes us poor people.

Moral Stories

Okay, we'll start this story. In a small town, there lived a beggar whose name smith (not his real name). We all know that's not, that the beggar is a job that a lot of people away from him and was disgusted with the job. He was a young man, he should be able to work like everyone else. However, because of poverty and compulsion for food, she decided to become a beggar.

Every day he spent with begging and begging others for food. He pretended to have a deficiency in the body, thus making the other person feel pity and give him a little charity. For many years he did it without any thought of changing her job because she felt it was comfortable.

One day, an incident made her into changing her story. One night, he was still in front of a bank. He was sitting on a mat and before him, there was a bowl containing some coins. Possible during the day only a few people were sorry for her so she does not have as much money. And on that day he was forced to beg till evening.

Not long after, there arose a man wearing a black suit and looking very hasty. In terms of appearance, this guy looks very neat and appear as a modern, rich or height classes.

Regardless of beggars who sit in front of the bank, he went into the atm machine. Not long after he had finished taking money in large quantities. While walking, he counted the money that had just taken it. For busy counting the money, he could not pay attention to the road and then stumbled up almost fell. Held very lucky money does not trickle, but not unexpectedly there was a piece of the money that falls into the bowl of the beggar.

Saw a piece of the money falls into the bowl of the beggar, he really wants to take the money back. But he was embarrassed to do so. Eventually, he went away with a full face was not sincere about the money.

Smith, of course, very happy and very no idea if his efforts begging until the evening turned out to produce good results. There is good-hearted man who gave him a piece of money with a nominal so much to him. Smith then holds the money gratefully.

Unexpectedly, the suited man back again and then seizing the bowl of a beggar. Then he said, "you're also a businessman, is not it?". Smith confused and can only be silent and looked at the man in a suit her but get into his car and drove away.

Short stories, five years have passed. A successful businessman named Roy is experiencing confusion because the business inherited from their parents in decline and nearly went bankrupt. To save the company, he must be looking for investors to help him. While frantically looking for investors, suddenly the phone rang in his office and his secretary said by telephone that there are people who want to meet him.

Heard of anyone who wanted to see him, Roy swiftly immediately want to meet people in the hope that the person is willing to invest in his company. Short stories, Roy also met the man, and then he saw that the people who want to meet the ever met him.

In fact, people who wanted to meet him that is a smith, which has now become a successful person. Roy was very surprised and then asked smith, "why do you want to invest in my company?"

Smith just smiled and then said, "I want to repay the debt of gratitude alone".
"debt of gratitude?" Roy asked, confused.

Then smith replied "host may have forgotten if the first host ever buys my bowl with a sheet of paper money. Even the master say that I was a businessman when everyone has told that I am a beggar and always makes fun of me. You are the only one who looked at me as a businessman. Nah, since that time I stop being beggars and worked hard until finally, i could be successful as it is today ".

Hear the narrative and the story of the smith, Roy was silent and unable to speak. He did not expect that the first actions were to make a successful smith.

That's the story of the beggar smith, may we all be able to extract meaning from this story.