How Positive Thinking Against Couple

Jealousy causes a person can become possessive and distrusted partner. The cause of the emergence of feelings of jealousy can be because of many things. Among them is due to a loss of confidence due to a couple who often prejudiced or as often-negative thinking. If one looks at all subjectively. As a result, anxiety, suspicion, and often into quarrels are inevitable.

positive thinking

If you during this time were often suspicious of your mate, or you feel uneasy not every couple is on your side, you fear if your spouse cheating or you fear that if there are other people who make your partner interested, then it is, in fact, natural, however, must be within certain limits.

There are some things you need to know in order not to be someone who is jealous that can cause your relationship to the couple into the location.

In order for you and your partner still has a positive and healthy relationship tips to think positively to the following pairs should you apply.

Train yourself to give credence to others

Train yourself to trust others are never easy. Especially if you are in the beginning is a person who cannot be trusted. Thus, you would analogize others like yourself.

If you want to trust others, make yourself trustworthy.

If you are honest with yourself and your partner, chances are your partner will be honest with you.

If you love, then you will care for your partner. if not, your partner will do unto you.

Remove suspicion and jealousy

How to throw away suspicion and jealousy is to communicate openly.
If you feel jealous and suspicious, express in a good way and avoid words that accuse or blame.
Knowing the truth will make you think more positively.

Busy yourself with positive things

Not having a job will usually make we often fantasize and think too much. Sometimes, for no busy, we did make we often think negative.

To fix this, try to keep me busy doing positive things and creative things. That way your negative thoughts will be diverted to the things that are useful.

Distinguish between soap opera and real life

Many people do not realize that the influence of soap operas or movies profound effect on the character and nature of the man himself.

As someone who can think, you should be able to distinguish between real life and what happens in soap operas and films.

Avoid making childish drama in your own life.

Everyone has the right to hang out and socialize

People who are often extremely possessive jealousy. the possessive will always be suspicious of others. If you make friends with people who possessive, so be careful because the person will also be suspicious of you.

It is time you move on and learn that every person is entitled to socialize and hang out with anyone, especially within reasonable limits.

Just like you, your spouse also wants to be able to get along normally with his friends. Like you, your spouse may have a close friend. So no need to think too much.

Be a forgiving

Not easy being a forgiving person. However, if you can do it, you will be spared from a variety of negative thoughts.

Because someone who knows how to forgive others would be able to understand many things and be wise in taking any decision.

During the reason we are still healthy, can certainly choose. Lest ye be affected and are under the control of your own mind.

As much as possible, you have to control your mind and point to things that are positive.

Be a slave to negative thoughts will make you so childish and immature, it is difficult to think clearly and often made the wrong decision.

Diligent smiling

Smiles and laughter can make your body produce a happy hormone. If we are happy, the mind will be positive.

Conversely, if we are the lazy smile, then it will provoke us to tend to think negatively.

A smile is an attitude that is favored by everyone. smile is a very easy thing to do. but in the smile saved a lot of benefit. Besides beneficial for yourself, a smile can also facilitate your relationships with friends.

Do not equate partner with others

In life, we make friends with anyone. There are times when we make friends with people who are wrong. However, that does not mean we can assume, people who may have a trait or attitude, that is almost equal to the pair are the same person.

For example, if you have friends who like cheating, so it makes you think that if your partner does the same thing as that of your friends. In fact, often they are not.

People who have the same characters do not necessarily have the same properties. So, as much as possible do not equate partner with others. Although in some cases, they have similarities.

Be the tolerant and think far ahead

On various occasions, often a couple we could not keep his promise. It is not to be taken too seriously by thinking negative things. Be patient and wait for the explanation of the pair to find out the real reason.

Communication, in this case, is very important. Because it can be a couple late due to other factors such as rain, the streets are jammed, vehicles that suddenly leaked or crashed, and many other things that can cause a person cannot keep his promise.

By becoming someone who is tolerant and able to think an adult and think far ahead will make no decision pottery.


How Positive Thinking with Ease of Mind

Many things going on around us in rapid succession. Whether it be good or bad events. Well, actually what happened and why things could happen streak like that? So what to do with positive thinking? If you want to know refer the following short story.

positive thinking

One morning I went to the office because oversleep. Then I take a bath in a hurry even to set off is still in a hurry. As a result, many bad things happen to me. For example, stuck in traffic, vehicle tires leak, hit the red lights continuously, there are items left behind or even to want to drop out of the motor. Well, actually what is it I? Why all of a sudden I experienced many bad things in the morning?

You know all the result of my mind. Why do I say so? Therefore, the process is like this, the mind we can actually draw anything according to our thoughts and feelings today, especially in the dominant thought. On that morning, I felt negative. It made me stimulated to think positive because it cannot be late / oversleep. Well, actually, when I was in a hurry, I became emotional and upset on the state proficiency level. I cannot think positively, my mind is messed up because of panic oversleep. At the same time anyway, I actually release the negative energy to the universe through the mind, then the universe returns it in accordance with the thought that my release. Because since at that time I was not thinking positive thoughts, then that comes, is ugliness / bad luck streak.

God, a thought has endowed humans. The human mind is very strong and powerful. Miracle and gift of God are very capable of attracting any case. This thought just like a powerful magnet in the universe. He can attract people, events, objects, or anything else in order to create something that is released by the mind. Whether it is positive thoughts or negative thoughts.

In the best-selling book The Secret Rhonda Byrne's work, he describes in his book as well as campaigning to always think positively. He also explained that the human mind like Aladdin and The universe is a real. Thus, any demand from the mind, then the universe will collaborate with the mind to make it happen.

When the man was thinking, in this case, is to think the positive or negative thought, and then the mind is releasing its energy to the universe. Universe catches waves/energy of the mind and then moves people, events, objects, and anything then returns to the man. The result can be good or bad as what they release. If they think it will get a positive, is a good thing, otherwise? Yes of course, negative. Well, that is why this writer has always reminded us to always think positively. Due to the positive thinking, it is tantamount to inviting good things to us.

If only humans can consciously control their positive thoughts, may all people should not have any bad things like the story I above. The good news is that we can choose and control the mind at will. In addition, the bad news, in order to control and choose the mind is not easy; it needs a lot of exercises. Because this is a skill, then this can be learned. If you can learn and can be trained, and what is needed so that we can think positive and have a positive mind? Surely not, cool at all if we can deliberately think positively. Okay, we consider the following tips.

The first thing to do when positive thoughts turned into a negative mind is trying to calm the mind and heart. Yes, that is all, simple, is not it? Then what to do calming the heart and mind with positive thinking? What can calm conditions / relaxed able to make us think positively? The answer is yes, of course.

Humans have four brain wave patterns. The first sequence of beta wave patterns, then alpha, theta, and delta last. Beta is the current state of our consciousness. In such circumstances, the brain and the mind is able to analyze, think consciously and perform mathematical calculations. However, this will lead to increased stress in themselves. If you can not control stress, it does affect the emotions and the results are negative thoughts (release of negative energy).

Delta condition is a condition in which the human mind does not interact with the outside world of the conscious mind, or be referred to a sleep state. However, a phase will pass before entering the delta state. A phase that will pass is the alpha and theta condition. This condition is the best state of relaxation to calm the heart and the mind. If we can consciously enter these conditions on purpose, then you will be able to soothe the hearts and minds anyway you want. With inner peace, you will find it easier and better able to think more positively. In this state, you will neutralize any negativity into a positive thing. Then the question is, how can enter the alpha state and theta intentionally?

Conditions alpha and theta is the best state of mind. This condition usually appears during meditation and thinking to come up with ideas and desires and calms the mind. To get into the theta you have to do meditation by closing your eyes first. With eyes closed, then your mind will be calm and relaxed. When closing the eyes, the mind automatically in alpha state. Interest entering this condition is to calm the physical body / physical. How to get this condition is the mental relaxation.

How to enter into a state of mental relaxation is to imagine yourself in a place of the most beautiful version of your own, then try to feel by using all the senses possessed. For example, the loveliest place for you is the beach, and then imagines you are on a beach. Feel how the heat of the beach, the rustling sound of the waves, the sound of the seagulls, or the soft sand beach with your fingers. With all could feel it through your senses, you have entered into a state of mental relaxation. If this state of relaxation has been entered, then you will be in very peaceful, far from feeling bad emotions, and able to think more positively, than that in the condition even this you could say a prayer or visualize what you want to achieve.

It is not easy to enter this condition, but it is not impossible to be mastered. If trained repeatedly so that the program will be easy later. Because true repetition in practice will make experts and ourselves more adept. If you are used to calming down, it is always positive thinking is not difficult. Which makes it hard to think positively is a condition that is not quiet. While not quiet, the mind cannot think properly. The positive thing would turn out to be negative if we are not quiet.

Now it is your turn to try it. There is no compulsion or necessity to do this. It all depends on you, now what do you think?


Motivation to Always Positive Thinking

Life requires struggle. In any, case it. School, work, career, love, and even households. When looking at the other person is able to be successful in terms similar to what we face, how to respond? A key motivation of all that is always thinking positive.

positive thinking

Thinking is a human instinct. Instinctive every man has to think of the first breath of air the world. However, whatever the motivation to think positively? The following review:

Always focus on what desirable than anything undesirable

The mistake most of us when having problems is to talk about it repeatedly. Just talking about not focus on the result, rather than focus on how to solve the problem and what the results to be achieved. Try to think positively to always focus on the result.

Each issue comes with a lesson

There is always a lesson from everything that happens, so someone has to keep thinking positively seek what lessons can be learned from it and master it. Because the actual error is when people think, has made a mistake but did not fix it. Experience is the best teacher. Therefore, learn from our own experience to achieve success.

Do not believe in all minds

In looking at the problem, the mind will form a positive conclusion, and the conclusion is negative, the positive opinion also the negative opinion. The mind will try to influence, to give confidence for better or worse. Observe all thoughts but do not identify themselves directly on the mind.

People always think positive will always try to digest everything and then surpassed his entire mind as the right decision.

Whatever happens, good or bad, say it with gratitude and thankful

The more we are grateful for what has happened, and then we will be getting away from stress and pressure. This makes us able to solve all problems without the burden of excessive worry. Gratitude will make us able to make sense of life and all the problems that we face. With gratitude, we will be able to maintain both a positive mind.

Know that there is always a reason for everything that happens

Everything that happens for a reason for sure. Similarly, everyone who enters the life definitely for a reason. All of these reasons are a responsibility for us, just how we think to give these reasons to label good, bad, negative, or positive.

Remove the need to achieve perfection

When you try to do everything perfectly, you will find is a sense of stress and frustration. It may not always be perfect. Always think positive by doing just that everything to the best the of plans. The satisfaction of completing the plan is priceless perfection.

Remove your resistance to external factors

All the action will invite reactions. Do not try to fight the reaction or change it. Always recognize and learn all the reactions. Then thinking of fixing of action to produce a reaction we expected. If in accordance with the reaction we expect, then success will be easy to reach.

Learn to be present in all who want to get

When you just think or plan and decided without directly involved in it, whatever the outcome will not satisfy. However, if we are involved from the beginning, the whole plan will be much easier. All it takes the process. As well as success. The process to achieve a success it was very long. You should really make a solid plan to achieve it.


Some Habits to Maintain and Manage Positive Thoughts

Maintaining and managing a positive attitude as the foundation of thinking and acting is something that can be done by anyone. It can be learned by everyone. After learning how to manage a positive mind and then practice them in daily activities, it will be easier for you to arrive at the desired success.

positive thinking

Success in life is something that is desired by everyone. To achieve success, we need various efforts and actions. however, all the efforts that need to be based with positive thoughts in order to attempt to achieve success more easily.

to maintain and implement positive thoughts in life, there are at least five things you can do. including the following :

Managing suggestion Positive

positive advice is something that can help a person to have a positive mental attitude and focus on the goal to be achieved. A positive suggestions to work on our subconscious mind. it makes a person become more confident and sure that whatever is done, it would have reached the goal.

Effects resulting from the positive suggestion will be able to generate positive energy for life. The effects of positive suggestions include the loss of negative thoughts and fears. Such as the fear of being wrong, fear of failure, is one of the positive effects to be gained from managing a positive suggestion. this will make us more confident in life.

Thankful and Stop Complaining

Similar to manage a positive suggestion, one of the things that can be done to continue to cultivate positive thoughts and positive mental attitude is to be grateful. With grateful then the burden will become lighter and can be faced with a mind and a positive mental attitude.

In contrast to complain that will nurture the mind and negative mental attitude, which will be demoralizing and sometimes make a person desperate to circumstances she lived. Seeing the condition of others worse or weaker than we can be a simple way to create the spirit and more grateful to the circumstances in which we live today.

Doing Visualize Success

There are other ways to manage and promote positive thinking is to Visualize success or success. Dare to dream is an important part of the desire to achieve the dream. Someone who dared to dream indirectly owns an additional spirit. unconsciously, he would try to arrange a strategy how to achieve that dream rationally. Visualize success in achieving the goal of becoming part of a relaxation therapy for the mind and body. this will make us more happy and relaxed.

Taking Time Have Fun

The mind and body can be very tired when focus does and think things continuously. Take a few moments out of 24 hours in the day to have fun is a natural thing and is useful for keeping the mind fresh and able to think positively. There are some simple activities for fun to do, like reading magazines, listening to music or undergo a particular hobby. By maintaining and managing positive thoughts so, everyone has the opportunity to live happier.

Exercise regularly

Having a regular exercise schedule is very important for the balance of the body and plays a major role in keeping your body stay in shape. Try to exercise at least 15-30 minutes every day and feel positive changes in my body. A good exercise is to increase endurance, blood circulation and strengthen the muscles loose. Choose an activity or sport that you like. By keeping your body fit and healthy, will indirectly help maintain and manage your positive thoughts every day.

I hope that this reading can benefit us all. Be the Light and Inspiration for others.


How to Increase Your Positive Thoughts

Positive thinking has an impact not only well for a person's mood and psychological state, but also for health. However, always think positive of course not everyone can do. Sometimes there are reasons to feel pessimistic, anxious, and worried.

Positive thinking

Here are some tips to always think positive every day.

Do not focus on what you do not have. Try to remember the good things that belong to you, remember all the good things that ever happened to you. Grateful for life and appreciate what you have is the first rule to always think positively.

Choose friends who are supportive
Sometimes, negative thoughts can also be contagious. Therefore, do not put yourself in the middle of whiners. Better, select friends who always give support, upbeat, and positive thinking every day. Eventually, you will feel their energy affects your spirit.

Remove falsehood
Have a friend who 'toxic' or always make your life full of falsehoods? Leave them immediately. Are kept together they can create negative thoughts constantly stuck on you.

Take responsibility
Remember, you really cannot control what will happen. However, you can always control your thoughts, feelings, and actions of your own. Therefore, when something bad happens, you tell yourself: "I am responsible for the feelings and mind, and I decided to be happy and strong."

Change 'cannot' to 'could'
It may take practice but obviously can succeed if you diligently apply. Try to change your sentence structure, a negative into a positive. For example: "Why messes my job?" became "The results of my work this time is not satisfactory. But later I could definitely be better." If you continue to be applied, it can change your perception.

Doing good
To do good to others can be a huge impact for you. Remember when helping others give a sense of happy and satisfied? That feeling can make you feel more positive.

Look on the bright side
Every situation always has two sides if you can find it. For that, try to find the positive side of any situation. More focus on the positive side of things will provide great strength to yourself to change things. When getting a problem, you do not just look on the dark side because it will make you cannot go forward.

Everyone needs a break and cool down occasionally. The break could mean slower when walking, reflect for a moment about what you have done, and refresh his mind from worry and anxiety.

Specify the destination
Being captain for yourself and your own desires is necessary. Do not be swayed by the opinions of others about you. Decide what you want to do. Set your own standards. Following the path that you decide yourself will give you the confidence is high.

Whatever happens, do not forget to take the time to smile. Smile when something is funny, funny movie, the joke that made you or your child. Smile at yourself. Smiling can relieve stress and remind yourself not to get too serious when there is a problem.

Applying the above diligently will make you a person who always thinks positive, happy, and grateful.


Easy Way to Train Yourself to Be Always Positive Thinking

Like a knife, if sharpened and used, will be more sharply. Instead of a knife left lying, will not increase sharply, even one time will rust. Likewise, with our minds, if not trained and honed, will be blunt and powerful.

Positive thinking

By practicing self, we lead ourselves, to understand the meaning and significance of life. As well as forming our character, to prioritize which shall be done, new work which we like. However, many people who apply in reverse. So getting away from achieving life goals.

It is easy to train yourself to think positively and creatively. No need to join a seminar in a luxury hotel with exorbitant costs, for indeed it is by far the best motivator in ourselves. However, we scant or no confidence.

We can learn from every incident or life events that we encounter every day. We can learn from a friend or acquaintance that we have encountered, anywhere. Animals, the universe, or a tree, even if we can make as a source of inspiration to train themselves. Capital is only the will and determination to want to learn.

This life is a university that is multidimensional, where we can study 24 hours a day and are not restricted by the partition of the partition, a kind of school walls. The universe is the best teacher, for humans.

Positive Thoughts construct the morning. When we see the sunrise, try pondering for a moment: What lessons can we learn from the sun? Sun warm, but not scorching. He gives light to the world and never expecting anything in return. He was always faithful to rising in the east and sets in the western hemisphere.

Then we can learn from the air. No one thing can survive without air. Just imagine, supposed to breathe, we had to pay for oxygen? Alternatively, in some place that vacuum?

We can also learn from the water. No one can live without water. Water turned, water cleaning and water nourish.

One time we saw an ant. Try to pay close attention to a set of Ant. They always practice sharing life obtainment of food grain. The food was brought to the nest to eat together. Each meet friends, they always give a warm greeting. Never saw ants fight or compete for food. How are we?

Maybe we see a flower. What can inspire our hearts? The flower can only survive a few days. However, he gives beauty to the world. The fragrance to anyone who is nearby. His life was short but useful.

Alternatively, maybe we kicked a pebble. Is there a benefit rock that looks trivial this? Imagine, without the stone, impossible homes could be built, there will be no paved roads, no bridges, and overpasses will not be a skyscraper building.

Make yourself we become wise in the Meaning of Life. Only by exercising a very easy and simple, the more days, we will understand the meaning and significance of a life. More than that, it will bring the items to enlightenment within us that everything seems great, actually originated from things or objects that seem small and of no use.

Make everything becomes meaningful in our lives, our lives would be meaningless. Conversely, when we consider all the little things trivial and not worth, our lives will not be worth. Life is an endless learning process themselves. Do not waste our time in useless and never stop learning. For indeed, our lives are too short, to be able to learn all the mysteries of the universe is.


Encouraging Positive Thinking to Achieve Success

Many experts claim that one of the characteristics of successful people are those who have a way of thinking that tends to think positively. Conversely, people who have feelings of excessive worry even controlled by negative thoughts, his future may be broken and the goal will be difficult to achieve.

positive thinking

Always think positive in life is highly recommended to achieve success. With positive thinking, then you will have a positive energy that will ultimately lead you to success. in addition, the positive energy that comes from positive thinking would influence for others. other people who are around us to some extent will be affected by your positive thoughts. and it is very useful to the achievement of your success.

Positive thinking does not mean eliminating the calculation and planning in achieving your goals. Indeed, in this life you have to take risks. However, in doing everything, you need to have careful planning so that risks can be minimized. Do not neglect to perform an action. Grow attitudes remain alert as a preventive measure to anticipate bad will happen.

Very easy for us to have negative thoughts about something. However, it is difficult to always think positive about everything that happened. However, I am sure you can to be is private who always think positive. Because positive thoughts that already exists within yourself. Live how you treat your thinking so that positive thoughts can arise and become your identity. The following illustration may very describe you.

Positive thinking also makes us better able to manage stress and some studies show that positive thinking is good for body and soul. Even if the pain, positive thinking will accelerate healing.

With accustomed to seeing things from a positive angle, we will be more optimistic when started early in the week and believe that every challenge is nature's way to teach us to be more mature.

So no wonder, studies also show that positive thoughts will lead to business success. Therefore, if you want to succeed, get into the habit of positive thinking. It was not an easy thing, but not can be exercised.

Start from now to learn to have positive thoughts. Start from now to be able to organize our thoughts for the better. Learn gradually eliminate negative thoughts from within. To continue practicing and be assured that you are able to think positively.


Health Benefits of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking does not mean you ignore the situation is not pleasant, but rather to face the inconvenience in a more positive and productive. You think the state of the best will happen, and not the worst. Positive thinking often begins with talking to myself.

Positive thinking

If the thoughts in your head are negative, then it is a likely pessimistic view of life, if your mind is positive, then you may be an optimistic person. Some studies claim the pessimistic and optimistic personality can affect the health and well-being in many aspects. Here, we will take some of the benefits of an optimistic attitude, which will be described below.

Increases the likelihood of longevity

Researchers at the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Medicine found that women who are menopausal, but has an optimistic nature, will live longer and are less at risk of developing diabetes or hypertension (high blood pressure) when compared with their peers who are pessimistic. The researchers analyzed data from 100,000 women, and the result is that women who are optimistic have a risk as much as 30% smaller die from heart disease, compared with women who are pessimistic. The women are pessimistic also have the opportunity 23% of cancer deaths.

Fighting depression

Pessimistic thinking is one factor that lead to depression, according to Psychology Today. By changing your thinking to be positive, then you will combat depression. Cognitive therapy is to change patterns of thinking can improve one's feelings and a major part of the treatment of depression.

Strengthening the immune system

Positive thinking is believed to help fight colds and other illnesses. However, according to a study in 2003 on the New York Times stated that negative thinking could only weaken the immune response to the flu. This is due to the large electrical activity in the brain when you think so it can weaken the immune response against influenza as measured by their antibody.

Beat various illnesses

People with positive thoughts will recover faster from surgery, and to overcome serious illness better, such as cancer, heart disease, and AIDS, according to Psych Central, a mental health social network operated by mental health professionals. A study of first-year law student found that people who are more optimistic than other students are have immune cells better.

Coping with stress well

When faced with a stressful situation, the positive thinker can cope with the situation more than the negative thinkers can. In one study, researchers found that when people are optimistic face disappointment (for example like no acceptable job or fails to rise to positions), they are more likely to focus on the things they can do to resolve the situation.

Rather than drowning in feelings of frustration or with things they cannot change, the optimist will draw up plans and consult others for help and advice. Pessimists assume that the situation is beyond their control and there was nothing they could do to change it.

Makes you tougher

Resilience refers to our ability to address the problem. Tough men can face a crisis or trauma with strength and determination. Instead destroyed in the face of stress, they prefer to continue and overcome these difficulties. This proves that positive thinking plays a role on toughness. When faced with challenges, people who think see what they can do to resolve the problem.

The researchers also found that in the midst of a crisis, such as a terror attack or natural disaster, thoughts and positive emotions encourage the development and provides a shield against depression. By maintaining positive emotions, even when faced with terrible events, people can reap the benefits of both short term and long term, including managing stress levels, reduce depression, and develop the ability to recover can be useful.


How to Always Positive thinking in Whatever Condition

Positive thinking does not guarantee the situation will change for the better. However, try to consider how the reverse (negative thinking)?

positive thinking

"Talk is easy, try again later when hard, can still no positive thinking like now?”. Yes, although more difficult, but certainly could be. Why?

Because people can find a reason based on logic in any case

Whatever the circumstances, whatever the case, we can always find a way. It is just that humankind is weak in trying (too lazy to think and work), so we tend to dissolve in feelings and emotions.

We particularly liked the choices is easy as the road has been provided and we just stayed stride. However, the reality is not like that. Often is what causes the end we think negative and pessimistic circumstances. Because in reality, idealism we imagined from the beginning it was never there.

Something that is repeated continuously usually more readily accepted as a reality. Regardless of whether or not it is. That is why we like to hear quotes idealist "as true" simply because pleasing to the ear and often performed repeatedly.

Idealism is what usually be the beginning of all the negative feelings and thoughts, because as soon as we realize that they are only "illusion", we begin to doubt the world and with it to be a pessimist so constantly thinking negatively.

Analytical Thinking / skeptical indeed tiring (and less fun), but it is the best way to find the solution of all your problems. Distinguish between truth and falsehood, to distinguish between illusion and reality and of course makes you more optimistic accepting the situation and face the reality.

So how do we always think positively whatever the case?

Enough to become familiar with the following two simple things:

Do not think excessive

Your brain can find the answer. The first is to stop spending a lot of time on the head you. Do a lot of thinking, stress, doubt, worry, and over thinking, whatever it is. The brain is the most powerful weapon of the man, but sometimes the brain can also be a deadly boomerang.

Begin to think realistically and use your brain to figure out a practical way

The first step to eliminating stress and negative thoughts are to stop thinking for a moment, relax, clear your mind, and begin to fill again with a focus on finding a way out of the most sensible of existing conditions.

You have the power to determine the content of your mind, so do not fill your mind with silly things (it is your choice). Remember that even though this does not guarantee salvation/way out of problems, at least this will not aggravate the condition of your mind.

"The theory is easy anyway, what if I have to think positive, but the problem/situation does not improve, I am still stuck in the problem and even more confused what to do?”.

That is why you have to understand well the points no. 2, the brain you can find the answer.

Think about ways to resolve the existing problems. Remember that the problem was simply a question unanswered. Suppose a problem that "questions" and immediately find the answer. (In fact, most of us find an answer).

If you already know the answer, stop thinking and immediate action. Sometimes people mostly think actually even less acted as his own thoughts.

You try to stop by the forums and vent about the problem you are facing. Sure, some people with smart will provide answers. What does it mean? Yes, we are all very clever find answers to all the problems. However, the real problem is in practice, where we are lazy to act and continue to blame circumstances.

Imagine if someone came to you and asked about their problems, I am sure you also would be able to give wise counsel and answer "practical" as a way out. Why not try using it to yourself?

If you ask your own brain, any difficult question, the brain will always try to answer and slowly find the answer.

Therefore, the issue of positive and negative thinking is simply a matter of questions. Do you often question the stupid things you like a pat on the head:

Why am I ugly?
Why cannot I be successful?
Why do I have to be born in the family or a state like this?
Why does he not want the same to me?

That is your problem. The problem is in the thoughts and the way you use your own brain. Try changing your question with a better question like:

How can I increase sales/sales tripling?
How to become a successful programmer?
How that is, my business is growing.
How so that he knows where I am?
What can I do with the money do I have now?

Remember that the brain will always look for an answer, imagine if you ask, "Why I failed?", then surely your brain will answer because you are lazy/stupid / incompetent/disadvantaged and so on. If passed, the brain of your own will make you even more depressed.

The good news is you have a "control" to determine what you want to think in your brain, so ask better questions of your right, you will be surprised how many opportunities, choices, answers, and solutions are found.


Four Ways to Always Positive Thinking

Positive thoughts that will make your life easier. If you always shrouded thoughts are positive, then your soul is getting quiet. Additionally, you are no longer being chased by what you do not like in life, what you have not achieved, and the various negative thoughts that eventually broke into the focus and the dream you want to achieve.

positive thinking

Rather than regret and pleaded on the misfortune of fate. You have to start getting used to always think positive and motivate yourself with four easy ways.

Positive suggestion

Every time you start the day, standing in front of a mirror and say the positive suggestions to yourself. For example:

I have always been healthy and fit
I am a money magnet
I have many friends and they liked
I have a happy family
I have always been shrouded in love
I am confident
I have always been in place and the right situation

You can suggest that you want. By giving positive suggestions to yourself, then you will be amazed at the results.

Clean Sweep Complaints, Change with Gratitude

Now certain situations make you complain, then make these conditions as something to be grateful for. For example, you get major bills pile of letters. Instead of complaining will value the charge, replace your complaint with this sentence, for example:

Well, I have an electric bill where I can enjoy the power to enjoy the show on television, internet browsing, dancing while listening to music, bake a delicious and healthy food, and so forth.


Take your time to think about what you want. Imagine what your dreams. Suppose you want to go to Paris and then imagine you are under the Eiffel Tower. Feel as though the sun in Paris on your skin and smell the different scents of your residence.

Envision what you want and as if already have a knowledge of the law of attraction that could draw what you want most. Just imagine as if you have your dreams; this will make the body more relaxed and happy.

Time to Have Fun

Do not let time run out 24 hours a day with work, routine and everything that preoccupy you. Take time to have fun, for example, listen to music, read a funny story or playing computer games or video games. With these positive habits, then the days of boring to be more neutral.

Not hard right? Do not let negative thoughts interfere with your life. Change your negative thoughts into positive thoughts.


The Power of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is a mental attitude that involves entering the thoughts, words, and images constructive for the development of your mind. Positive thoughts will bring happiness, joy, health, and success in every situation and your actions. Whatever experience you expect and imagine, positive thoughts will make it happen. So positive thinking is a mental attitude that expects good and favorable results.

Positive thinking

Of the many uses positive thinking, it was just some people believe the benefits of positive thinking. Some people consider positive thought is nonsense and a few others to laugh at those who believed and received positive thinking patterns.

Among those who received the pattern of positive thinking, not many people know how to use this way of thinking to obtain effective results. However, it can be seen that more and more people are becoming interested in this topic, as can be seen from the large number of books, lectures, and courses on positive thinking. This topic is gaining popularity quickly.

We often hear people say: "Think positive!”. Which is intended for people who feel disappointed and worried? Many people do not take seriously these words because they do not know the true meaning or it useless and ineffective. How many people you know, who have the time to think about the power of positive thinking?

The following story illustrates how the power of positive thinking works:

Alex submitted a job application. However, low self-confidence and he considers himself a failure and do not deserve success. He felt confident that he was not going to get the job. He had negative thoughts towards himself and believed that the other prospective employees better and more qualified than him. Alex acquires this attitude because of a bad experience he gained from the interview follow the work he had previously.

His mind was filled with negative thoughts and fear on the job for one full week before he will be interviewed. He believes he will be rejected. On the day of the interview he got up late, their fears become reality. He found he was wearing a shirt that would be gross. Another shirt to be ironed. In addition, because he was late, he decided to wear a wrinkled shirt.

During the interview, he felt tense, showing a negative attitude, worried about his shirt, and felt hungry because he did not have enough time for breakfast. All of these things lead to distracted and difficult for him to focus on the interview. His attitude overall bad impression. Because of his fear became a reality and not getting the job.

William also applies on the same job. However, he reacts differently. He felt confident that he would get the job. One week before the interview, he often visualizes himself got the job.

The night before the interview, he prepared the clothes he was wearing and going to bed earlier than usual. On the day of the interview, he woke up earlier than usually, so he has enough time to have breakfast, and then arrived at the place before the scheduled interview.

He got the job because he thinks positively of the things he did. Of course, it also meets the requirements for obtaining the job, as well as Alex.

What can we learn from these two stories? Is there a magic used in the story? Any, not everything is natural.

If we have a positive attitude, these attitudes will generate positive feelings, images constructive. We will see in our mind's eye exactly what we wanted. It would be enlightening, more power, and happiness. You will radiate goodness, happiness, and success. Even positive thoughts will also provide a variety of benefits for your health. We walked upright and we are a voice that is more authoritative. Our body language shows how we feel.

Positive and Negative Thoughts Contagious

Each of us affects the people we meet, either directly or indirectly. This happens instinctively, in your subconscious mind, which is emitted through your thoughts and feelings, as well as our body language.

People around us can feel our minds and influenced by our thoughts, and vice versa. Fair if we want to be around people who are positive and avoid negative ones? People are more motivated to help us if we are positive, and they dislike and avoid anyone is negative.

Thoughts, words and negative attitudes and actions will result in negative mood and unpleasant. All this will lead to failure, frustration, and disappointment.

Practical Instructions

To change your mind becomes positive, the necessary training and willingness to change yourself. Because of the attitude and mindset cannot be changed in an instant.

Consider the following topics, think profits will be received, and invite you to try it. The power of the mind is a powerful force that is always shaping our lives.

The formation process is usually done in our subconscious mind. However, it is possible to carry out the process consciously. Although the proposal sounds quite strange; try to do it because you will not feel the loss; otherwise you will get many things. Ignore any other people's opinions about you when you change your mindset.

Always visualize a situation favorable and beneficial for you. Use positive words in your inner voice, or when you talk to other people. Smile a little more because your smile will help you think more positively. Ignore feeling lazy or desire to quit. If you survive, you will change your mindset.

When negative thoughts enter your mind, you have to be alert and replacing these thoughts with more constructive thoughts. Negative thoughts will try to enter your mind again, and once again, you have to replace them with positive thoughts. It implies that you two pictures in front of you, and you choose to view one of the pictures and ignore the other pictures.

If you suddenly feel the resistance from within yourself when you are trying to change the negative thoughts, do not give up. Fixed focus yourself on thoughts that are positive and fun.

Regardless of your current situation, try to think positive. Think of the results as well as the situation in your favor, and the state will change according to your mind. This change of course takes time, but eventually, the changes will occur.

Another method that you can do is do affirmations repeatedly. Affirmation is a method that resembles visualization, more creative, and both can be used simultaneously.